An Extra Special Anniversary for Mrs. Dude and I


Once or twice a year, I write a blog post that has nothing to do with celiac or gluten. It happens when I want to call out something, or in this case someone, special.

Today is a double anniversary. First, it is Mrs. Dude and mine 22nd wedding anniversary. We barely survived the first year, both physically (Northridge Earthquake) and emotionally. But we stuck it out and our marriage has gotten stronger every single year. To paraphrase a famous line…”I’m the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

Today is also the first anniversary of Mrs. Dude’s double mastectomy. She had one hell of a summer last year and today is a time for some serious reflection. Reflection on what happened. Reflection on what could have happened. And reflection on how she survived the cancer battle and kicked it’s booty.

I’m simply going to share two previous blog posts with you today that touched on our summer last year and one anniversary poem I wrote for Mrs. Dude a few years back. If you are having a cocktail tonight, please give a special toast to Mrs. Dude. Or give two toasts…one for each breast. 😉

Blog Post 1: I’ll Be Right Back…

This is when we first got the news that Mrs. Dude had breast cancer. It’s funny looking back on it now not knowing what laid ahead of us at that time. Little did we know.

Read it here

Blog Post 2: My Name is Mrs. Dude and This is My Breast Cancer Journey (So Far…)

Mrs. Dude shares her story. It’s a powerful one.

Read it here

Blog Post 3: Happy Anniversary Honey. Now Let’s Go Kick Cancer’s Ass!

I wrote an anniversary poem to my honey and shared it here.

Read it here

And I want to give a shout out to all of you. Your support through our journey last year made a huge impact on Mrs. Dude and I. It gave us strength on days where we didn’t have it and it gave us hope on days that we needed it. From the bottom of our hearts, we love you and thank you!!!

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16 thoughts on “An Extra Special Anniversary for Mrs. Dude and I”

  1. Congratulations & Happy Anniversaries on all counts! You two are most definitely not only survivors but also conquerors. I greatly appreciate your advocacy and sharing your lives.

    Hope you each have an enjoyable celebratory weekend and future ahead. Hope the Dudettes are well also.


  2. Congrats and continued support to both of you. I appreciate you both being transparent and candid with your respective health journeys, it’s so encouraging for others who have their own hills to climb.

    All the best.


  3. My dearest Gluten Dude and Mrs. Dude…

    I guess because I’m new to your community and a new follower… I had no idea. Many congratulations on your anniversary and extra special congratulations and blessings on your survivorversary. Thank you for having the courage to put it out there and let GD use his forum to tell your story. Too many women turn a deaf ear to mammograms and early detection and every single reminder helps.

    I was diagnosed on my 39th birthday – found the lump on my own via early detection since I was too young for my first regular mammogram. The boyfriend (obviously now Hubby) proposed 48 hours later. We got married 10 days after my treatment ended. I was sick and bald on our wedding day. Fast forward… I just celebrated my 5 year survivorversary with the all-clear! We are going out to an Italian restaurant this weekend to celebrate and I’ve already made the phone calls and menu checks for gluten free menu items, and will be bringing my own gluten free and vegan cupcake along for the celebratory dessert.

    We wish both of you many blessings of good health and many more years of celebrations and love!

    Hugs from your Warrior Sister, Holly (and Hubby too)

    PS – maybe Mrs. Dude can guest post her story on my blog someday????? 🙂

  4. Congratulations on another anniversary. Congratulations on beating cancer.
    Hope the years are long and happy.
    Thanks for all that you do for the celiac community. And for being so willing to share your journey.

  5. Happy Anniversary Dude and heres to Mrs. Dude telling breast cancer to kick rocks! Also, we just so happen to share a wedding anniversary, it’s my 11th. So I will raise a glass to you two, to Mrs. Dude’s boobs and to my own sweet hubby. Cheers!

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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