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    Even though I don’t think I’ll ever see their brew show up here in Tennessee, I pledged toward their campaign in hopes it will help not only Ground Breaker, but perhaps spur others to get into cans. I loved what he said on the video about just the fun of digging into a cooler for a cold can.

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      Gluten Dude

      Thanks Carole. The problem with their current beer is that it’s 22 oz. So you almost have to drink it once it’s open.

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        Why is that a problem :)

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    John Tj

    We want this beer in CANada!!!

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      Gluten Dude

      …and in the Northeast!!

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        Omer Martin

        Do you know of a place to purchase ground breaker on-line?


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    I am curious, and I don’t know the associated costs with either process but why not use bottles instead of cans? I used to love beer. I found that I hated canned beer, mostly the metal taste when drinkimg beer from a can. So I preferred bottled beer. Now, hate to admit it to Gluten Dude, but I loved the taste of Ommission beer! Obviously I was disappointed to find out it wasn’t truely gluten free. But I really did like the taste. I wish I could describe all the wonderful tasting beers I drank years ago while visiting Belgium. It made me ditch the crap at college parties amd go for premium brands instead (usually in bottles or tap). Yes, I used to be a beer snob. Ironic that the whole time, I had Celiac (I’m convinced my diagnosis was 14-16 years too late). Anyway, I am also curious if the shellf life of canned beer over bottles is not of concern. I realize that canning process could very likely be more cost effective. Anyway, I wish I was closer to Portland to give this beer a taste test, but I’m stuck in the frozen Midwest. :-(

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    Ground Breaker is the best! And I have zero symptoms! Backed!

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    Success — I just checked their page and they reached their $20k goal, surpassed it even, at $21,000.

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    I LOVE Ground Breaker Brewing. Am lucky enough to live near Portland and eat at their absolutely delicious restaurant, too. It is the best feeling in the world to eat and drink in a place that is 100% celiac-safe GF. Am so glad they raised the funds—I try to support them by eating and drinking there as often as our budget allows!! (such hardship :) ).
    Yay Portland! Best place in the world to live and be celiac.

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    Selling cans is bad. Really bad for the enviroment. They should be forbidden, really.

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