A Touching Note from a 10-Year-Old Celiac

child celiac

This will most likely be the sweetest, saddest, most touching thing you’ll read all day.

Chloe is 10 years old.

Chloe has celiac disease.

She got glutened last week and her Mom, who owns the New Grains Gluten Free Bakery, found this letter on her nightstand that night.

“Chloe…the Gluten Dude is sending you a big old gluten-free hug and tons of good wishes and quick healing.”

Want to send Chloe a note? Leave a comment below and I’ll make sure she gets them all.

Note from a celiac

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29 thoughts on “A Touching Note from a 10-Year-Old Celiac”

  1. Oh Chloe!!!! You sound like such a smart little girl!!!! Your Mommy and Daddy must be so very proud of you!!!!! I will say a prayer that you feel better soon!!! Great BIG gluten free hugs Chloe and Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. Chloe,

    You are a very brave young woman. I understand what it feels like to be sick after eating wheat, in fact this whole community understands how very sick you get and how tired you are. Yes, your life is harder than most of your friends and i know what it feels like to be different. Maybe you can turn your experience into something good, kinda like your mom is doing. And you know what? You just found a whole buncha new friends where you can share your highs and lows with!!! You just got hundreds of new friends from all around the world. Now that’s a nice gift :)!

    From the movie Dinosaur
    Plio: “Some things start out big, and some things start out small, very small. But sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest changes of all.”

    Big hug-xo

    Jersey Girl

  3. Chloe, I hope you feel better real soon! My daughter wad diagnosed a year ago, when she was five, with celiac. And it does suck. And ignorant people who don’t care suck. And it is exhausting trying to make people understand. My now six year old has a far better grasp on what it means to have celiac than most grown-ups. Just try to keep smiling, keep educating and know that people love and care about you.

  4. Dear Chloe, You are so smart! I am a teacher in the same grade as you are in but it is my kids who watch out for gluten for ME!!!! Don’t you just hate it when something very yummy makes you sick. I am so sorry that happened to you. I bet the lunch ladies cried when they found out what happened. I hope you are feeling SO SO SO SO SO SO much better now and that you have a wonderful Christmas. Big Hugs, Ms. S

  5. My poor little chicken!!!!!! I hope you feel better soon. It’s an awful time to get sick and I’ll say a little prayer that your well enough for Santa!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ger

  6. Dear Chloe,
    I know that it is hard, I have Celiac too. But really I like to think that we are special. We are lucky to realize that food matters. So often people eat things and they don’t care what they eat. They eat food that is bad for them like McDonalds every day! But we have a special insight, Celiac gives us a way to look at food differently. Our bodies tell us to think about the food that we eat. I think it is a blessing. Be strong. It gets better. Sometimes you will get sick, and that is ok, but it will pass. Your body will get stronger. I know that it is hard but we must be patient with people because they don’t understand, they don’t understand the importance of food. Keep fighting, it gets better.

    1. I cried reading that as I got glutened yesterday. And it doesn’t feel like I get better. But thankyou. I know your words were to an 8 year old but they reached the sick 8 year old in me. Thankyou

  7. Chloe-
    Keep pushing on! You are a strong young girl! Your letter reminds me of my 13 year old son and the things he says when he is feeling down after he has been glutened! I know he doesn’t like having Celiac Disease, but these are the cards God dealt him. Know that the sickness will pass and you will be that much stronger. Keep your head up. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Chloe, hope you feel better soon. I was diagnosed a coeliac at 11 months so have lived gluten free all my life. It did suck sometimes and I know how you feel but hang in there and stay brave. I hope it helps you a little bit to know that others know how it feels. Clare

  9. Chloe,

    I hope you are feeling better today. Everyone on Gluten Dude’s blog cares. We all want you to feel better and we all care when someone gives you gluten. The other thing to remember is that WE ALL HAVE CELIAC DISEASE so you are NEVER alone. I know what you mean about some gluten dishes being SO SO good. It is hard to not want them. Hang in there and let us know how you are doing.


  10. Hang in there honey! The lunch ladies…..oh the lunch ladies! They are the reason I pulled my 12 year old son out of public school! When I met with them to explain Jimmy’s Celiac, they said they would work with us, give him a special diet and train in cross contamination. The first cereal they ordered and gave him…….FROSTED MINI WHEATS!!!!!!
    Sending you calm belly hugs,
    The Atherton Family~

    1. I’m at a loss of words right now… Seriously- did they really give him frosted mini wheats!!!!

      Chloe, you are so brave! I just found out about my CD 2 years ago, and I’m old (21 years old!). Hang in there!

      1. Kimberly Atherton

        Yup, Frosted Mini Wheats…..oh and they also offered him a chicken caesar wrap. The lunch lady told him to unwrap it and eat what was inside. 🙁

  11. Hang in there girl! 🙂 My son is 11 and has celiac and, wow, the description of how you feel sounds so much like how he describes being glutened. I feel so bad for you, and him, and all the kids who have to deal with this-no fun and no fair! I always tell him that in the long run he will be so much healthier than everyone else-because he’ll be eating fruit when everyone else is eating fried, breaded, yucky food. He doesn’t always think that helps! 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon though-thinking of you!!!

  12. Hang in there, Chloe. I was diagnosed, officially, last year and I agree that having Celiac SUCKS. Don’t worry about what others think – you just work on getting better. You are part of a very special community of people who are fighting for you to be able to eat without getting sick and some days, hopefully, you can even forget that you have Celiac.

    Best Christmas wishes for a speedy recovery!

  13. Chloe,just as all good things pass….like Easter, Christmas, Birthday parties,etc so does all bad things… there is always sun after the rain. so hang in girl. you will feel better soon. and who needs wheat anyway….not me…. I am happy with corn…. HUGS!!!!! from another celiac….

  14. Hang in there Chloe. My three kids can’t have gluten, dairy or soya either and it’s HARD, but it’s harder being sick. You aren’t the only kid with challenges and I sympathize with you about how much it sucks.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  15. Chloe! I feel for ya, girlie. It really does stink getting sick from something as dumb as wheat. I don’t know if it helps, but when I’ve been glutened, my favorite things to do are cuddle with my puppy, watch cheesey TV shows and drink loads of ginger ale and water. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Stay strong, chica!

  16. Chloe,
    I have Celiac too, honey –and I know how yucky you feel right now.

    I am sure the lunch ladies feel bad they made a mistake.

    Sometimes it is very hard to understand why we have to worry about
    stupid old gluten, but I want to you remember you are never, ever alone.

    There are lots of us very special cool people who cannot have gluten either and we belong to a very special tribe of warriors.

    I am a warrior princess because I picture celiac as a giant, fire breathing dragon and I have slayed him with my mighty sword.

    You are a warrior princess too, sweetie!!
    And any time you need your tribe, you can call on all of us to help you slay the dragon.

    When I feel yucky from gluten, I drink a lot of extra water, put a warm hot water bottle on my tum and pamper myself with funny movies or good books and cuddle with my cat, Bella. Soon, you will feel so much better, I promise.

    Big hugs to you, sweetie!
    Irish Heart

    1. I love your post. I needed to draw and write a story . So I used the warrior princess idea. thanks so much . And I am feeling better.



      1. Hi Chloe,

        I am so happy to hear you feel better !

        I am also glad that you like my warrior princess story. My avatar on celiac.com is a Celtic warrior princess, Queen Maeve and she is raising her mighty sword.(I still have not figured out how to post it here and someday, I will ask Gluten Dude to work his magic and help me do it. 🙂

        I like to write stories too (I am not much of an artist, I’ll be honest, but I take pretty good photos)

        And I always think that keeping a journal is very helpful for recording our hopes and dreams and thoughts. I have been doing it all of my life and I always had my students do it, too.

        Keep writing and drawing and being a celiac warrior 😉

        Merry Christmas to you and your family!

        Your friend,

  17. Hugs and prayers for you little one. You’re lucky to have such a great family that cares so much and knows so much. I’m sure like Irish said that everyone involved feels horrid about what awful mistakes were made. No one wants to make anyone else sick, especially a kid.

    I live really nearby and your family is an important part of our community. I’m sure that everyone is wishing you well and hoping you’re feeling better soon.

  18. Hugs Chloe, I work at a school and try to protect myself as best I can because gluten is everywhere! Irish and all said it best! I hope you are feeling better soon!! Lunch ladies are often in a hurry to get everyone through the line(with a shared kitchen), I’m so sorry this happened to you! I know how terrible gluten makes me feel! and I’m so sorry you feel that way too! Sometimes i feel like I’m going through this (Celiac) so I might be able to help a student like you!

  19. My heart is full as I read all the responses from your blog. When Nicole read the letter she found on Chloe’s nightstand that morning, I knew it couldn’t stop there.. Her sweet note, was what our life is like and others could relate so and posted it on our blog and then you shared it on yours. Never had I thought so many would respond in such a personal way. I will print these out today and present them to her at our Christmas party tomorrow. Thank you to all for pouring out your heart and souls to little Chloe and to everyone reading the comments. There is a story to tell here. If others could only see into our gf world, they could understand. Perhaps Chloe’s letter and all your comments could help them understand a little more. Thank you for your comments, hope, love and support that is pouring out from your comments and for you, Gluten Free Dude, for sharing it. –roxanne and the whole Lawson Family

  20. Dear Gluten Free Family,
    I wanted to thank; Gluten Dude, Donna, Jersey Girl, Sue S, Kerri, Geraldine, Linda, Helen, Anne, Clare, Camille, Kimberly, Colleen, Jeannie Bee, Patricia, Tracy, Alissa, Irish Heart, Adalaide, Carolina Kip,

    I wanted to personally respond and thank you all for all of your heartfelt comments, concerns and love that you showed my daughter. I have Refractory Type 2 Celiac Sprue and 4 of the 7 of my children have Non-Refractory Celiac’s Disease. There is such an urgency to educate those that serve our children in the school systems. I receive calls every month from a concerned parent about the school district not being willing to feed their children “Like” Gluten Free Meals. Their Celiac Kids get a fruit bowl, a salad or some pudding that may be Gluten-Free. In response to my Chloe’s Story I will share that when Nicole share the letter with me, I jumped up, grabbed the letter, put my jacket on and headed out the door. Nicole didn’t want me to go because I tend to get some-what aggressive with schools that don’t follow the Federal Laws of School Lunch Programs and the ADA. Once I got there I had the Principal call the Lunch Room Manager down. I sat them down and explained that Celiac’s Disease is a life threatening Auto-Immune Disease and that this was much more serious than just getting sick for one day. They felt so ashamed and promised to do better. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised. There are 4 types of Celiac’s Disease. Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Non-Refractory Celiac’s Disease, Refractory Type 1 and Refractory Type 2. Every time that we get exposed to Gluten it begins the damage to the mini-villi in our small intestinal wall. Based on my research it has become very clear that every time this happens it causes the Celiac’s Disease to progress closer to becoming Refractory type 2. RT2 Celiac’s Disease is a terminal condition where once the autoimmune response fully engages it won’t stop until all the mini-villi are gone from your GI track. My daughter is aware that I have RT2 Celiac Sprue. The last thing I would every want is my sweet daughter or anyone of your children to ever have to suffer while their organs shut down from lack of nutrition. I have made peace with my condition, but I won’t rest until every person I can reach is educated correctly on how serious this issue truly is. I completely agree with all your comments. People without Celiac’s Disease never can understand what we all go through on a daily basis. This is why Nicole and I started New Grains. Thank you again for all your love and concern for my baby girl.

    Have a very Merry GF Christmas and God Bless you all!!
    Timothy W. Lawson CEO/Founder Tim@newgrains.com

    1. Tim…you seem like a great celiac advocate and even a better Dad.

      Merry Christmas to you, Chloe and the whole clan!!

  21. Oh, Chloe, my son, 9, sometimes wonders about gluten as well. But, you know what? He wonders why there are still people who eat it, since it only harms! “I am happy we’ve found what’s wrong with me mum, this way we’ve also found out why you were always sick and tired, and always having migraines! Now that you’re healthy again, I know you’ll make me healthy too!”
    Have faith Chloe, there is an angel there caring for you, but it takes time… Be patient and eat only what you’re 200% sure it’s gluten free! You’ll be amazed at the result!!!

  22. Dear Chloe,

    My name is Nina and I am 11 years old I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I am so sorry that you are sick and I hope you feel better soon.

    My mom made a mistake with my lunch too and I also got sick. I was sick for a week and I stayed home from school. I felt like someone was stabbing me in my stomach and and I was going to the bathroom alot.
    I also have the chills and I feel like I want to throw up. I am so sorry that you have Celiac Disease 🙂 !!


  23. Chloe,
    Well sweetie we all understand what your going through! Its so hard. My daughter Mychaela who wrote a blog the other day feels just like you when she accidently eats something with wheat / gluten or even dairy. She gets as sick as you do and misses school also. Mychaela is 15 alittle older than you and school and kids can make it so hard. She was excited today because she made 2 full weeks of school with out missing. But always remember honey other little girls get sick like you so your not alone!! 🙂 Some day you will get to help someone else who is battleing this. Stay brave and remember people who don’t understand will say mean things and it hurts I know (Mychaela goes through the same thing) but your mom and dad will always be there for you! So smile and shine because your special! Merry Christmas Honey! 🙂

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