A Little Gluten-Free Levity to End the Week


A serious TGIF. Long week…let’s laugh.









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13 thoughts on “A Little Gluten-Free Levity to End the Week”

  1. Oh so very wrong 🙂 anyone trying to tell me i have to be GF AND vegan is getting punched in the throat. Flour products were bad enough I’m not giving up tasty animals!

  2. George: She calls me up at my office. She says, “We have to talk.”
    Jerry: Ugh. The four worst words in the English language.
    George: That or “Whose bra is this?”
    Jerry: That’s worse.


    Cheers Y’all
    Jersey Girl

    1. Can’t resist responding with a real story along those lines. Had a platonic female roommate while I was dating my then-girlfriend now-wife. Roommate had a friend over to watch TV, who was relaxing and took her earrings off and left them on the coffee table. Roommate found them a couple of days later and said, “oh must be your girlfriend’s, Here Chris Take them.” I put them on my night stand so I wouldn’t forget, which led then-girlfriend, now-wife to ask later, “Ummm, Who’s ear rings are these?” It all worked out in the end though. Happy Friday!!!

  3. How many celiacs does it take to change a light bulb?

    Just one. We’re not idiots for pete’s sake.

    (P.S. I think I sent you number 3 via email.) Still love it.

    Cheers all–and Happy Friday!! xx

    1. Unless of course the celiac has been glutened in which case the resulting brain fog may call for an extra brain!

      1. Else, later in the day, I swear, I started thinking…I should have added “unless you have gluten head, in which case it may take 4 of us.” But I was wifi- impaired. Thanks for saying it for me. LOL


  4. Love the wine and Jack Daniels one. When I went gluten-free, my boss asked me, “Well what about whiskey.” When I told him it was gluten-free because of the way it’s distilled, he said, “Well, there IS a God!”

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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