On a Day of Tragedy, a Guest Post from a Bostonian


Yesterday was another day that shook me to my core. I’ve realized that my kids will never grow up in the same world that I did. And I have this sinking feeling that the aggressive nature of mankind will eventually destroy this beautiful planet we were given. I hope I’m wrong.

I wasn’t going to post anything today. It’s not a day to talk about celiac disease. But I received an email from our own Irish Heart about yesterday’s tragic events and she asked me if I would put it on my blog.

Of course I will. Here it is.


Today was NOT a beautiful day in my neighborhood. Why? Because cowards ruined it.

My very sweet and compassionate friend, Lisa, who lives in California, sent this message to me tonight to remind me that despite the horror of the day’s events, good people always show their true colors. And despite the events of the last 20 years or so, I still believe good always triumphs evil. Always.

The helpers–the people who courageously run toward the horror of any tragedy, not away from it–well, that’s what is essentially good about human beings.

I am proud to be a Bostonian, born and bred. Even though I have lived in New York for nearly 29 years, when people ask me “where are you from?”, I still automatically say “Boston”.

Tonight, my heart is sick. I always enjoyed Patriot’s Day in Boston! It is a holiday for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a rite of passage into springtime. It’s the day of the Boston Marathon and a Red Sox game.

Good, clean fun.

That day holds only good memories for me of times spent with friends, some of whom completed that Marathon more than once. During one of those marathons 30 years ago, while I was celebrating part of that day in the Eliot Lounge (a very cool bar that no longer exists), my boyfriend proposed to me. Our time together is long past, but I still remember that day and the way I felt.

It was a day full of hope and joy and endless possibilities. That’s how young people should always feel.

My hometown is a place of strong, rebellious, patriotic, fun and proud people. They will survive this ordeal and remain steadfast (and whomever perpetrated this crime has messed with the wrong people.) Like New York, Oklahoma City , Atlanta, Newtown and any other city where cowards have taken lives and created destruction, the residents will rise up and move forward.

That’s the resilience of the American people. That’s the spirit of patriotism.

The Boston Marathon is symbolic of the human spirit. It’s a testimony to endurance and strength. It’s a day where people of all nations come together to celebrate life. Often, people run in support of a good cause or in memory of others who are battling a disease or of those who have died at the hands of cowards.

Some people were doing the 26 miles today in memory of the 26 victims of Newtown. Now, their anguish is doubled.

Bombing a crowd of innocent people who are just enjoying springtime and an event that gathers good people together–well, that’s just the work of some seriously sick bastards. I propose that when they are found, they should skip the trial and save the Commonwealth the expense. Why bother? They are guilty. Period. Fry them.

I never, in my wildest dreams as a young, idealistic, naive young thing ever thought I would utter such words. But I am not young, idealistic or naive any longer. Terrorists changed all that for me nearly 20 years ago.

And now, an entire generation has grown up living in fear. Mothers and fathers have to worry about every single thing they do, for fear they will be harmed. I grew up fearless. I never worried that someone would shoot, bomb, or purposefully hurt me. I rode subways alone at age 11 and I rode my bike everywhere. We left doors unlocked. No one bothered us as we played stick ball in the streets. No one came into our school with a gun or flew planes into buildings.

I weep for the children of today. They will always know fear.

And I fear it will only get worse.

Just when we have started to put yet another senseless tragedy behind us, it happened again.

So, I will try to focus on the helpers, those very good people in the world who always come running to the aid of others, and try to convince myself that the world is not (as my grandmother used to say) “going straight to hell in a hand basket”.

We can’t let these bastards win. We just can’t.

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16 thoughts on “On a Day of Tragedy, a Guest Post from a Bostonian”

  1. We will not let these bastards win.

    Well done Irish!

    My thoughts remain with you and my other Bostonian friends today.

  2. This post has special meaning to me as I am also a proud Bostonian. I don’t know who did this but I have my guesses and I also know that they have indeed messed with the wrong people.
    We will find you, make no mistake about that. Sh–t always rises to the surface and when it does, we will be there to wipe you away.

    I never thought about how emotional I would be until I saw the picture of that 8 year old who died yesterday and know his mother and sister were seriously hurt also, waiting at the finish line for their father and husband to cross. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Irish is right….kids today will live in fear and will never know the freedom that we enjoyed in our youth. That’s the real crime here. We need to get tough and rid ourselves of this plague called terrorism. I am totally offended that they have chosen my hometown twice, to perpetrate their evil. I am in no way blaming the same crowd twice as we still don’t know who is responsible for this latest act of cowardice, but we will.

    Everyone send their collective healing thoughts to those injured and fighting for their lives right now. They need our help and support.

  3. Irish Heart,

    Your thoughts are so beautifully expressed. Thank you for saying what we’re all feeling.

    “My hometown is a place of strong, rebellious, patriotic, fun and proud people.”

    Yes, and you are are one of them.

    Love and prayers,

  4. Such a sad day. Healing thoughts, white light, positive energy & good vibrations have been headed to Boston since I learned of what happened yesterday.

    Thank you IH for a well written piece which we all can relate to.

    Ahhh, but one forgets just how resilient children are. It is we adults who live in fear & become more fearful each time something like this happens. Children? They are blessed with innocence & a positive outlook until that day they turn into adults. Would that we could all live as children forever.

  5. Well said IH! As a mother of a 10 month Old little girl I fear for her everyday, but I am proud of where we live! We always bounce back when we face tragedy and WE STAND STRONG in support of our people and what a place to grow in with the scary stuff that happens!!! We are proud to be Americans and will NOT cower in fear!

  6. We can’t let these bastards win. We just can’t.

    Well put and I couldn’t agree more!

    My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this.

    Just a shout out to the Police and Firefighters and Paramedics who do an amazing job everyday and who responded so fast. Thankl you.

  7. Well said, Irish. I’m crying in Melbourne, remembering my short time living in Stow MA. The bastards won’t get us down.

  8. GD/IH-

    I hear you. Honestly though, i will remember these horrific events but know good will prevail. I am optimistic that these events can only bring this country closer not the opposite. I don’t fear for my little girl because i believe in this country and for our future.

    Best from Jersey,
    Jersey Girl

    1. JG
      I hear ya!
      I most definitely believe good triumphs evil .
      I never lose hope we’ll always “be all right” and I believe we’re
      a stronger nation BECAUSE we are a united people.

      I just think the escalation of terrorism and violence is making it
      harder for anyone to live a “normal” existence.
      When I watched those parents from Newtown talking on 60 minutes last week, I could see they were broken. No parent should have to suffer like that. When I saw the family of that poor slain little boy choking back tears while talking to the media yesterday, my heart cracked.
      We have to stop the madness.

      I have been thinking about the Anne Frank quote I love so much:

      “In spite of everything ,I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness, I hear the ever approaching thunder, which will destroy us too, I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end, and that peace and tranquility will return again.”

  9. Thank you, Irish Heart, for sharing this with us. My husband’s entire family lives in Boston and I have stood at the finish line of the Boston Marathon several times in my life. It all feels very close to home for me….
    Ever since December I have cried when I drop my oldest daughter off at school (she is in first grade). Prior to this year I never had the thought that this may be the last time I see her go through my head when I dropped her off at school.
    I have nothing else to say because I am so sad right now, but thank you for sharing your friend’s message, as well as Anne Frank’s quote. Love and goodness will prevail, but we are all changed forever.

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