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    Great article. You have some incredible points. Will share! And that Colorado “chef” should be behind bars, as far as I’m concerned.

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      The Gluten Dude

      Thanks Rachel. I agree with all of your points :)

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      You are an idiot

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    I am so sick of this gluten nonsense. You people have nothing better to do than live your boring little lives looking for things to worry about. It’s a fad for sure. I agree with that chef 100% even if there was a spelling error. I don’t believe his spelling reflects the truth. He merely proved that all of this paranoia is in your heads.

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      The Gluten Dude

      Appreciate your input William. Just curious…do you think celiac disease is in our heads or do you accept that it’s a real disease? Thanks.

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      Okay yeah, do you think that celiac disease is fake? I totally agree that if you don’t have celiac disease you don’t need to go GF, but if you are saying celiac disease is fake you are full of crap. That chef should be behind bars, because people like me could, by extension, die because of him. So please rethink what you are saying before you comment on something.

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    Sister Jacqueline

    Lately, I’ve been feeding my dog Puriina for large breeds, in an effort to keep her healthy and happy; today I just learned
    that Purina uses corn in their dog food, which raised a red flag because corn is so sweet; then I recalled the controversy about the ‘gluten free diet’, wondering if gluten free bodes well for our furry family members… My current canine is nearly six, yet she still has the qualities of a two-year-old; extremely outgoing, hyper all the time, and so full of energy 24/7 i it’s impossible to keep up with her! Another concern is that the Purina large breed dry dog food is so hard it takes a hammer to break it up in such a way that I can keep some with me when we are out and about, at feeding times… In addition, my dog talks way too much; my immedite plan is to try a gluten free diet, and see if helps curb my dog’s hyperactivity!

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    Just with everything else, some people are, and some people think they are, and some people are just plain ridiculous. I personally am gluten “sensitive”. I don’t know if I have celiac, and I really don’t care. All I know, is that when I eat wheat, I have kidney “issues” that are very obvious, when I don’t eat wheat, I’m fine. I’d rather be fine….although I do cheat every once in a while, and I pay the price the next day.

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    Celiac disease is real….in every 133rd person.

    Now, because someone’s dog has a lot of energy, they are are worried that the small amount of corn in its dog chow may contain gluten, which in turn may cause hyperactivity. If the dog was relaxed or sedate, the person would project that the corn was causing their dog to be sluggish.

    Bravo to the chef, unless someone literally has Celiac disease, who cares, it doesn’t matter. This trend will face plant & some new fad will replace it.

    The Chef should have given them gluten free meals, then told them after they were done that he poured 100% pure concentrated gluten extract all over it(without actually doing it). All of a sudden the gluten free diners would start having placebo headaches, nauseau, AIDS & Ebola. It’s not an fn bio weapon, we’ve been eating it for 10 millenarian with no problem. Imagine if Africa went Gluten free/GMO free/Dairy free…300 million people would die, not some hipster worrying that their clit will explode from second hand gluten exposure


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