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    Things are improving for us. Here’s a great write up on the Gothamist website, 4 Gluten-Free Beer Alternatives For The Swilling Celiac Sufferer:

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    The Gluten Dude

    Have not heard of Estrella, but will need to check it out. And I’ve had the Green’s and it is quite tasty (and strong!).

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    A lot of people feel the same way about New Grist, although others complain it’s too fruity or light. You should really give Estrella Daura a try as soon as you can…I’m in the process of building a website and mobile application to help people find gluten free beer and Celiac friendly restaurants around the world.

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      The Gluten Dude

      I wish I could buy the gluten free beers online. My local stores only carry a few of the basic ones.

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    Have you tried Bard’s? I really like that one. I also tried Estrella and really enjoyed it! Have you found the Dogfish yet?

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      The Gluten Dude

      Can’t stomach the Bards…sorry. Can’t find Estrella near me…heard it’s great. And no Dogfish yet either. Supplies are indeed limited for gluten free beers around me. Bummer.

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    Buy Omission or New Grist beer and then add OnTap Beer’s liquid beer enhancer ( A friend just gave me some and it makes for a great tasting gluten free beer!

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    joan roberts

    i don’t drink but i had a few none alcoholic becks blue beer and did not have a celiac reaction do you think it would be ok if i drank it again ?

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      Gluten Dude

      Not having a reaction doesn’t mean you are not getting hit. Permission not granted ;)

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      I know this is an old post but there is an interesting website a chap has set up for home testing beers for gluten ( and Beck’s came up with a ppm of not detectable (ie less than 1ppm). Lower than some of the advertised ‘gluten free’ ones!

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    Thank you for this information.
    I am currently considering having a Becks blue (I’m coeliac and alcohol free).


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