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    Thank you for sharing your story!

    From another lover of these gentle creatures – um the purple tongued ones – oh boy – now I stepped in it – the VERY longed necked ones ;)

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    Celiac Mindwarp

    That man is a sooperstar!

    It is lovely to read your story and what the giraffe thing is all about.

    How fantastic that you recognized each other as quickly as you did. Something like this tests our relationships for sure.

    You are such a warm and wonderful and funny person, he gets a very good deal too :)

    Mw x

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    While I knew some of your story, I did not know it all, so now I am crying– openly— in a Starbucks in Key Largo. :)

    He’s a real sweetie and you two are a great couple!

    ….and I know you are wondering…yes, I swam with dolphins yesterday and I gotta say, it was a moving experience, much like your giraffe encounter.

    We have extraordinary men, my friend—and they have extraordinary women.;)

    Thanks for sharing, sweets!!

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    It truly does take an extraordinary person to put up with all the crap that comes with this stupid disease. We sure got lucky didn’t we? It took some real doing for that picture too which I got at the Fire and Ice festival. When he whined about it I was like, asking for one picture after 5 years isn’t too much is it? Hah! I didn’t tell him it was going to end up all over the internet. I’m sneaky like a ninja.

    I’m sooooo glad your dolphins were magical. I know exactly what that is like! I will try to remember to email you later, or tomorrow. I have a thing tonight that I should be getting ready for now instead of minding the internet.


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