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    Maybe the secret is that the items in question are magical, having been made from unicorn wheat, the naturally shed (and absolutely gluten free) glitter that falls from their horns as they prance. Wait…maybe I could get a job developing Sonic’s allergen menus! I can make things up, too!

    Okay, sorry, seriously, I hope this menu gets corrected. Making things up on allergen menus is dangerous. Unicorn wheat makes more sense than Sonic’s checkmarks.

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    I know everyone really is annoyed by, but to me, the most damaging website for Celaics is “Find me gluten free.” Honestly, and not just because you started a new app. When will that site remove the “celiac friendly” bs on there? I know you’re not into suing people, but what will stop the idiocy other than a lawsuit and a regulation? It’s not blocking “free speech” to block fraud speech and this is fraud with possible injury as the result. This is such a pet peeve of mine! It’s probably incorporated in a state that hasn’t bothered to update its Food Code for years! My own state is only up to 2009 because the next code would include allergens. Seriously look into Food Codes published by the FDA and optionally ratified by each state. It’s the biggest loophole ever as far as food safety.

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      Oops, spell check failure… Celiacs :)


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