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    Dude have your children been screened? I am sure they have but I can not find it as I try to read all your past blog post.

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      The Gluten Dude

      One has and one hasn’t. So far…no issues. But I know it’s something we’ll need to keep up on. Thanks.

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        one of our children was diagnosed and although the other one had zero symptoms (nada, nothing) he too had been formally diagnosed. Our kids got glutened maybe 6 times and mostly they had eaten or been exposed to the same source. “Externally” Child 1 is impacted for weeks – rash, bloating, ADHD stuff, constipation etc but child 2 “externally” manifests with only a few mins tummy pain and 2 quick diarrhea’s.( of course thats separate to the ” internal ” damage that happens in both cases)

        We almost didn’t test child 2 and are glad we did

        I know another family in a similar situation and they tested and tested a child who has symptoms – negative each time. Finally they did the gene test and are comforted to know he does not have the gene so they can stop testing for celiac and figure out the problem from another angle.

        This celiac thing is Fascinating! I’d barely heard about it a few yr’s ago!

        Good idea to test all family members just to be safe. The sooner the dx, the easier and the better :)


          The Gluten Dude

          It is amazing how it affects all people differently. And yes, every parent who has celiac should have their kids tested as well.


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