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    Kristi Carpenter

    Dude, is Jack really gluten free? When I was at the distillery I asked. I was told it should be from the studies done on distillation. I have not been brave enough to try it! Thanks for all you do.

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      The Gluten Dude

      I needed to check for myself Kristi after I had one last night and didn’t feel so great. It seemed to check out ok:

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    aaron schneider

    pleeeeeeeeeeeease tell me the hooch was ok? I am so sorry if it wasn’t. Again, another lesson learned. Can’t wait for the next trip, it is always an awesome time hanging out with family……yes, you are family and you are stuck with us.

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      The Gluten Dude

      I think we’re good Aaron. I assume it was a culmination of a weekend of too much red meat and Titos.

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      Amy -The Quirky Gluten Free Runner

      Maybe it was the *quantity* of the Jack?

      I’ve always heard that distilled alcohol is suppose to be fine. Dad still has a bottle of Templeton Rye since he only seems to remember to ask if I want any on the day I’m leaving and driving. . . maybe it’s his way of keeping the bottle to himself?

      I only drink about five times a year, and I prefer the hard stuff, never acquired the taste for beer so I’ve never searched out GF beer.

      Aaron, marathoner, guest column author, you are amazing. I wish I could get up the nerve to get a tattoo, but with my two immune disorders (celiac and colitis) I don’t for fear of having some kind of immune problem with the ink!

      I volunteered at a rest stop along the interstate on Monday. I had somebody ask why the flag was at half-staff. I answered ‘because it’s Memorial Day, it’s raised to full, then lowered to half mast before noon and raised at noon”. He didn’t believe me, asked his wife, she said the same thing, he didn’t believe her either. ARGH. We don’t fly a flag b/c we wouldn’t be home to take it down in the rain, or when it gets dark before we’re home from work, etc and we have to much pride for the flag to leave it up in all weather.

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    Wow Dude! You’ve got a great Family and a great support group around you which respect your diagnosis. Not everybody, unfortunately, can say that in regard to celiac disease. It’s very heart-warming to read about others having the support you do and I hope others reading this blog will aspire (or demand) to have this much respect and support in their own Home. Thank you for “Cousin Aaron’s” post. He did an awesome job!

    On equally important notes, I’d like to pay homage to our Military forces who have fought for our Freedom. I’d also like to acknowledge your Dad’s Birthday today. You, Dude, give a lot of “self” when you blog. I find that refreshing and “Real.” For that, Thank You.



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      The Gluten Dude

      Thanks Dougie. Much, much appreciated.

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    Jack is GF, so no worries!!

    Distilled liquor has no gluten.

    If it is distilled alcohol, it contains no gluten protein in it, even if its origins were fermented wheat, barley or rye. Distillation is an extremely effective process in which all prolamines (the type of proteins that trigger celiac symptoms) are removed. This means that unless gluten-containing flavorings have been added, all PURE vodkas, tequilas, rums, brandies, whiskeys, bourbon and gins are gluten-free.

    That said, this former 2 Bombay Sapphire martinis a day girl simply CANNOT do that anymore since Celiac triggered in me. Not because of gluten, but because of my gut or my clean system or the inflammatory process (or because I lost all my fat/muscle?:) not sure. I think we just cannot handle it anymore.

    Sorry, Dude! Small sips from now on, bro.

    Nice of Aaron to see how well you, Mrs. Dude and the Dudettes
    deal with your dietary needs.

    But I have to ask, because I am unsure —why didn’t you have some snacks for yourself handy, too? (rice or potato chips, salsa, veggies, Crunchmaster crackers, that sort of thing?) Do you just not like them? You do not need to go without, G-dude! :>)

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      The Gluten Dude

      I so appreciate your knowledge Irish. I actually touched on how my tolerance level seems to have dropped substantially:

      As for the snacks, I’m sure I was picking on some of my snacks from my drawer.

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    You are so lucky and blessed with family who cares. It is so important. And you got so many great followers on this blog. I wish all of us a support you get. We all need it!

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    Every single time I have Jack, my sinus goes into overdrive! Yes, ‘they’ say gluten has been so highly processed out of it, there is no drama, but I don’t drink it anymore…
    I stick with good scotch, or wine or white spirit….I also stick with dry ginger ale or soda water as a mixer…

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      Gluten Dude

      As always, stick with what works for you.

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    Ever in the DC area again you should try One Dish Cuisine..Very very good food…If you are here first monday of a month..I am sure my Celiac Disease support group wouldn’t mind you coming by..10


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