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    Thankful for Whole Foods

    Oh wow….I just really want Ranter #4 to come over for a huge GF Mexican Food feast. Really, I want all of them to come and I will make sure there is dairy free, corn free, refined sugar free and whatever else free there needs to be! Because I’ve had Celiac for 5 years and thanks you, Dude I didn’t give up, and thanks to Jennifer Esposito whose blog told me I had to go in my kitchen and cook, I am surviving and really now thriving. I go to a GIG Support Group and we have members who have lists of 20+ foods they cannot have and I can now research and make things they can eat to bring and share with them! As of Monday, I am going back to school to get a degree in Occupational Therapy because OTs help people overcome life challenges. When I finish that, I am thinking about getting some nutrition training so that I can combine OT with helping people overcome the emotional, physical, and logistical challenges of radically altering their eating to get their health back. So, in my case your time on the blog was VERY well spent! Because I don’t know if I’d be on the other side and ready to help others without it. Your blog was just what I needed on some very, very dark days when I thought I just couldn’t go on. The ranting….and then going for a walk or just breathing deeply, and moving on is very necessary. Thanks for yet another great post Dude! So glad you keep them coming.

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      I just want to give Thankful a high five and a round of applause for her attitude. May she thrive and prosper and enjoy all that life offers (without gluten).

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    #4, I feel you on the Mexican food. I’ve been dying for Mexican restaurant food for years. And I can’t eat corn either. We will be visiting China this summer and everyone says oh, the food, it will be so good! I’m thinking, umm, yeah, not so much, according to my research, they put wheat in EVERYTHING to thicken.

    #5, look at corn, soy, and dairy for cross reactions to the proteins. Get tested for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. PS, sheep’s milk has a different protein structure than cow milk, it doesn’t cause a reaction for me.

    #6, I make up songs and jokes about the diarrhea when I’m having bonding time with the toilet. It helps.

    #8, the world seems to be against celiac disease, but not too long ago it was the people with peanut allergies that got the bad rap. It’s going to get better!

    #9, I have chronic fatigue syndrome and celiac. I have the days where i am at the end of my rope and cannot fathom another single step forward (and a little more often than I like), but the next day I get up and keep plugging along and things aren’t so bad. It helps to find a cheerleader to be your motivation when you have none, even when you kind of hate their cheering you on when you want to crawl under a rock.

    #10, hard cider is very good and totally gluten free. Don’t worry about the beer!

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    Aww, Rant 7 got me right in the heart! The author deserves a hug or to win the lottery or something. They’re all good though. Thanks!

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    Rant 10 hit the hardest for me, I feel the same way honestly.


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