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    Great post dude.

    It’s sickening what CBS are doing (and I have no idea who Mary Elizabeth Williams is, or what planet she’s living on for that matter) but some of the points on this post are just appalling.

    To force someone out of work, prevent them from working elsewhere, all the while KNOWING about the condition said person is living with, and STILL pushing them to the point of collapsing on set is unforgivable.

    CBS should be utterly disgusted with themselves, they are showing themselves to be nothing more than a school yard bully.

    And agreed, if you’re not a doctor, and if you DON’T have coeliac/celiac disease, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!


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      Robert Anderson

      I have suffered all my life from IBS; finally a Doctor with some sense suggested gluten intolerance (I do not test positive for Celiac). What a difference! The same Doctor also diagnosed me correctly as being lactose intolerant. People who do not suffer from these things have no concept of how crippling, literally, this can be.

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        After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2004 , my life changed dramatically. I w as s very I’ll when they finally did the biopsy of my small intestines and discovered the damage done by the gluten I had been consuming. It took many months to recover and many months to be able to eat foods I enjoyed. I come from a very large family and I let everyone know that Celiac is a genetic disease. Now, all these years later quite a few family members have seen diagnosed with celiac Disease. Our family get togethers feature lots of delicious Gluten Free food. Some family are more sensitive to gluten and dairy than others. Its a challenge to find good GF food in restaurants. But we manage. I do get teased and I get the eyeroll now and then, but I make no excuses… this is a serious Disease and can make you very sick if you don’t follow the diet. I have some GREAT RECIPES! Shame on people who don’t take this Disease seriously!!!

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    Lisa K

    Hey there!

    I’m not celiac but I suffer from Crohn’s and also am gluten intolerant. I love reading your posts and this one is pretty revealing about how society considers going gluten-free. Like it’s a trend and not something vital. It is shameful!

    Unfortunately, it is exactly the same overseas…

    Love and support from Paris, France!


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    Thank you for the update Dude. I am SICKENED by what is happening to Jennifer. CBS (ALL OF THEM!) should have Celiac for ONE MONTH and let’s see how they feel after working a 15 hour day. I have a hard enough time working an 8 1/2 hour day…I could NEVER work 15 or more hours!!!!! I have NOT turned CBS on since this news broke and I will NEVER watch that channel again until they right the WRONG that they have done to Jennifer. That is not a threat…that is a PROMISE. I am LIVID over this. Dude…you are absolutely correct in stating that if you are not a doctor or you don’t have Celiac then you have NO RIGHT to write about it! Until you have walked in MY shoes or the shoes of other Celiacs then SHUT YOUR MOUTH and PUT DOWN YOUR FREAKIN’ PEN!!!!!!!!!

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    the other CD

    Thanks again Dude for a great post.
    I don’t twitter so that half wit Ms. Williams (I won’t refer to her as a journalist for obvious reasons) won’t ever know what I think about the literary poison she is spreading.

    This whole debacle does prove that there is truly no cure for stupidity (and overblown egos at CBS).

    Keep up the rant – the truth always comes out in the wash.

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    I wont be watching blue bloods after Jennifers last episode – disgusting behaviour from CBS. Best of luck to Jennifer for the future :)

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    Judi Ward

    CBS is indeed acting like a school yard bully yet again. They have done this many times before. It is really pitiful but it seems to be their “go to” beaviour. In an age when we are doing everything possible to do away with bullying, whether it be in person or on the internet, you would think that a network whose motto is “CBS Cares” would try just a little harder. I am thoroughly disgusted with the way Jennifer has been treated. This is 2012 not the dark ages. When are these moguls going to wake up. And by the way, I have to agree with you, this is indeed a form of slavery which I believe there are laws against. Maybe taking them to court would serve them right. She might not win but boy would the bad publicity put some much deserved egg on their faces. All my very best to Jennifer.

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    I’ll post what I said there as well:

    Whatever Jennifer Esposito argues in her personal time is her own business. She has severe celiac. She collapsed at work. CBS is holding her in contract (so she can’t work elsewhere) and not moving to either fire her or keep her. That’s not right. The fact that they violated her doctor’s orders could be an easy ADA suit by Jennifer for failing to respect reasonable accommodations. The issue here is not that she told some friend to try going gluten-free but is a matter of an employer respecting work orders as written by a physician.

    CBS violated her work orders, paid her less, and then is holding her in contract limbo. What the heck she does on her own time is a non-issue, and this “writer” from Salon is muddying the waters, not helping anyone.

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    I have sent my displeasure to CBS about Jennifer and will continue to do so. However I went on the Twitter page of that Williams person and couldn’t stomach her tweets. This woman is an angry hater and I felt that leaving any comment on her page was giving credence to her rants. I tweeted this but it bears repeating, “On the internet you can be anything you want…it’s strange that so many people choose to be stupid”. I think this defines Ms Williams.

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    what a disgrace
    I suffer from celiac Disease and know first hand how this disease turns your life upside down and robs you of many things…Ms. Williams I won’t waste my breath on you…you better pray to GOD you are never stricken with Celiac Disease you will eat your nasty and hurtful words,,,always remember GOD don’t like ugly…
    and nobody is safe from thishoriible horrible disease
    shame on you CBS

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    I just have no more words for the uneducated, unenlightened asshats who continue to speak about celiac and the “trendy GF diet” or “gluten allergies” in the same sentence. Once that card is played, I know right away: “this person does not understand CD” so this is pointless.

    I would never try to speak with authority about physics or Japanese Art, for example —because I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM.

    But if I had to learn about these topics, so I could WRITE AN ARTICLE, I would at LEAST read some research before opening my mouth or typing a single word.

    How about the comment from some idiot who said “it’s not a working class disease”…??? for the love of God, people—- please,

    SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Hey Irish! I just sent off a scathing message to CBS regarding their treatment of Jennifer. I hope they are inundated with complaints from Celiac Nation! Asshat is right!

      As for Mary the Moron….I will tackle her later but what do you expect from a nation of people who don’t even know what’s in the food they eat? It’s pathetic. I find it amusing that so many of them go out of their way to prove just how food stupid they are….. ; )

      1. 11.1.1


        Knowing you as I do, I can only imagine what that message said.

        I am sure between our two messages, their eyes are burning.

        CELIAC NATION…love it!

        oh boy…Mary the moron?….meet my pal, Gemini….you poor, poor girl.

        Go get her, champ. ;)



          After reading Mary’s article, there was no other word for her but moron. You can’t be politically correct at times like these. She, and those like her, are the reason I am now asked at some restaurants….”How gluten free does the meal have to be?” As it’s obvious I am not on a weight loss program, they are being influenced by the fake GF people.

          I am really starting to hate celebrities…except Jennifer, of course! She has become my new hero! That girl has spunk!

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    Jersey Girl

    “Chemistry is a class you take in high school or college, where you figure out two plus two is 10, or something.” – Dennis Rodman, NBA Basketball player

    Yup, there are dopes everywhere, now we can add mary elizabeth to the list. Congratulations Mary!
    Jersey Girl

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      (snort) he he good one, JG!

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    I’ve just learned that I am gluten sensitive after 20 years of being told that I have chronic fatigue, low blood sugar, epstein barr, and who knows what else. After going for doctor to doctor with non-specific symptoms that no one could fix, one smart young doctor suggested I try gluten free to see if I felt better. So to anyone who doesn’t think this is real or debilitating, you could not be more wrong. More and more is coming out in the medical world about the gluten spectrum, and while not everyone has as severe of a case as Ms. Esposito, people should stop being idiots about this. And CBS – their actions are deplorable. I will not watch Blue Bloods until the right this wrong. And whoever the sponsors are – well I’m done with you too unless you put some pressure on them to fix this situation.

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      My wise hubs said the same thing…..the sponsors is where we should focus our attention now.

      Who sponsors the show? That’s who the celiac nation should boycott.

      1. 13.1.1


        crappers, I meant “sponsors are”…I am so pissed off, I am making grammatical errors.


        G dude, we need edit buttons, please! :)



          Absolutely. Probably the National Wheat Council.

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    Such a great article thank you! Mrs Williams’ article is absolutely absurd and just tweeted her that. What they’re doing to Jennifer is disgusting!!! I am celiac and only I know how I feel when I get sick, there aren’t words to describe it!

    1. 14.1


      I agree, Milly—there are no words.

      Only another celiac can truly understand the horror this thing causes.

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    I am too depressed for words. That woman. That thing. How dare she? Tell you what lady, let’s swap for a month. You be me and I’ll be you. You can have my body and I’ll have yours. And what is with the sanctimonious sneer when anyone talks about the Atkins diet? And how is that related to Coeliac disease?? Anyone? (don’t know anything about the Atkins diet but it gets bandied about a lot in relation to the trendy new fad of Coeliac disease) go away you monster. As GD says unless you know of what you are speaking please don’t. ‘cookies bloat me’? Ye gads I would eat a whole packet of Tim tams if all they did was ‘bloat me’ lol. I’m not making much sense as I am very very very upset with both the CBS outrage and now this imbecile sticking we boots in :(

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    Her boots in sorry it’s too small to re read before posting !

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    this is truly sickening. I just don’t have words to express how disgusted I am with this. I’m speechless.

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    Hope she’s filing/suing. Of course, in most states an employer does not have to give any reason at all for a termination of employment, so a lot will depend on whether they have a past history of treating other chronically ill employees the same way. You’d be surprised how many chronically ill people get terminated even if they are fulfilling all job requirements. (Yes, I have celiac disease. But I was lucky enough to have a full time job with generous sick days/vacation time during the times I needed it; I worked for a large health care provider..)

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    “This goes back to my rule that says nobody is allowed to write about celiac disease unless they are a doctor or have the disease. There are no exceptions.”

    In my experience, most doctors are not even qualified to write about celiac disease. Unless they’re a doctor WITH celiac disease.

    1. 19.1

      Kris Cullinan

      You remind me of something my brother’s doctor said to him. I had just found out I had celiac’s and told my family they should all get checked. My brother went to his doctor and asked him about getting tested for it. The doctor’s reply? “Oh, you really don’t want to have to deal with the restricted diet the rest of your life now do you?” WHAT?????? I’d switch doctors if I was him because he clearly doesn’t have my brother’s best interests at heart.

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    What if well informed, caring food writers hesitate to write about Celiac disease after reading that “(N)obody is allowed to write about Celiac disease unless they are a doctor or have the disease. There are no exceptions.”? People not directly impacted by Celiac may never go to a site written by a Celiac sufferer or a doctor. Would the entire cause not be better served by compassionate, well informed writing by anyone who is willing?

    Obviously, the internet is a chaotic mix of voices that rarely conforms to our preferences. Offering a patient helping hand and vital information to those who wish to help educate and expand the understanding of the disease is a profoundly constructive means of counteracting ignorance.

    Writing with compassion and knowledge about Celiac also counteracts the very real fatigue people have with “food fads.” No matter what rules we would like to place on people, until there is a broad-based understanding that a Celiac sufferer is NOT the same as a co-worker who only eats orange food this week to lose weight, we’ll keep battling this same problem.

    The only people who will heed someone telling them to “shut up” (as many have suggested) are those who care about Celiac sufferers already and are afraid of offending anyone. Those who are dismissive or ignorant would not heed your warning anyway.

    I understand your deep frustration with ignorance but those who are truly hostile toward those with this disease won’t be the ones shutting up. Only the good guys follow the “rules.”

    1. 20.1


      You raise a good point.

      I have to say this, however: No one should be “afraid of offending anyone” if they write the truth.

      The problem is, we rarely see anyone in the media write/talk about Celiac Disease in a way that is not derogatory or inaccurate. It seems the only press it gets involves “the trendy disease” or “diet fad” or how it “provokes eye rolls “. There is one “famous” celiac who writes about it, calling it an “allergy” (and I really wish she would stop doing that).

      Even Martha Stewart (who portrays herself as the uber-hostess) has said that people with food intolerances or allergies are (essentially) a pain in the tookus to have at her parties and they should not expect anything safe for them to eat when they come. Discriminatory? Rude? You betcha. Some celiacs get enough of that on a daily basis from family, friends and co-workers. Hearing public figures talk this way just makes it worse.

      Fellow celiacs criticizing another celiac who is suffering right now is appalling. One wrote: “she should be able to work after 4 years on a gluten free diet”. Really? Not all of us rebound that quickly. Many of us have serious complications from CD and cannot work at all. Where’s the compassion?

      After awhile, it just gets old.

      So, yeah, my plea was to those ignorant people to please “shut up”.
      As in, if you do not know what you are talking about and you have nothing good or supportive to say, then don’t say anything at all.
      That’s what my Daddy taught me.

      If someone wants to write about Celiac, he/she should do some research first. That is all I am asking.

      You’re right. Only the good guys play by the rules.

      Right now, however, the good guys are getting their asses kicked.

      1. 20.1.1


        Irish that was an excellent reply to a very good letter

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    I’m a bit late to this particular rodeo but share the furor and sadness that so many of you have already eloquently expressed. For everyone that is interested in writing to the sponsors, I’ve started a list based on those that I could find running spots as the show airs on

    Bank of America
    Jack in the Box
    Unilever (Vaseline)
    Ameriprise Financial

    As to the ridiculous bit of rubbish on, it would seem that Mary did an excellent job of directing some attention her way with one shoddy piece of writing. For anyone interested in joining me in writing a letter to the Editor in Chief, Kerry Lauerman, seeking a piece on Celiac that is based in fact rather than conjecture and ill informed opinion, his email address is

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    Thanks for that Amanda :)

  22. 23


    Not since leprosy has a disease received such misinformation and “bad press” . Where is our Father Damien ?

    1. 23.1


      Well said, Rick.

  23. 24

    GF Canada

    Just called CBS in New York. Wanted Public Relations fax number.
    Too many different departments with PR people. The lady answering the phone is already asking too many questions. Ha ha

    Wanted to fax them some love. I’ll have to start blocking my number. I was thinking, since I have some radio background, maybe do some calls which I will record. Love making my own jerky phone calls. I can make MP3’s so we can all listen later. lol

    Don’t mess with the “Curatola Celiac Bloods.”

    My Osteoporosis is attacking my lower back and having trouble walking. The lower spine and muscles feel so weak. Being left to twist in the wind for 30 years does a toll on your body.

    How about someone go to the CBS building in New York and drop off six gf donuts at front reception. Tell them special delivery for the “suits” on behalf of “Celiac Nation.” Man I wish I lived in New York this month.

    Don’t give up Jennifer. Time to have some fun the next 2 days.
    Good morning CBS, how can I help you? lol..

    P.S. Thanks GD. For all these years with my back issues, I never connected my celiac with that. One of your posts was back pain and celiac I think. When my back would go out over the last 25 years, guessing 50-100 times, would always bounce back in 2 days. Now the last 5 or 6 years much worse. More like 2 weeks.
    Feel like taking a loaf of bread right now in the back yard and punting that thing like a football so far…only if I had a stupid loaf of bread…grrrrrr Thanks for the vent, feeling much better now.

    1. 24.1

      The Gluten Dude

      “How about someone go to the CBS building in New York and drop off six gf donuts at front reception. Tell them special delivery for the “suits” on behalf of “Celiac Nation.” ”


  24. 25

    Gluten FreeK

    I think these two (whose names should not be spoken) are just trying to drum up business.

    Someone noticed how cohesive and active the Celiac community is and wants to exploit it. I’m not sure of the motivation; if they’re being paid to divert our focus or if they were just jealous of the attention and wanted some for themselves. Whatever the ends, they are causing us to expend our energy on the negative.

    I visited their blogs once and never again. The irony is that one page even had ads for gluten free food! That’s when I realized we were being baited. I mean, one defines himself as an “irritant” and brags that he can make anything go viral. Well, I won’t be helping him on his one. I will be removing the link I have to his silly, uninformed blathering. He’s not interested in true information. Know how I know? Because when his ideas are challenged, he turns to personal attacks.

    I saw the Dude and the RD trying to tweet some sense into one troll (the same one with gluten free good ads on his blog). All he could come up with is that Celiacs shouldn’t discuss our disease in conjunction with a gluten free diet.

    That’s when the anger melted away. He’s not an irritant; he’s silly! That’s like raising awareness about melanoma and never talking about sun exposure. Or Type 2 diabetes and not mentioning the importance of diet and exercise. Or lung cancer without smoking.

    The other tweeted that she ate a big bowl of pasta while writing the article “f*uck yeah”. Please do not tell me that either is trying to understand this disease. If they were, they would know that Jennifer Esposito is not in the same category as those who live gluten-free by whim or choice.

    The best way to handle people trying to exploit us is to disengage from them. Let’s get back to the work at hand; educating those who truly want to learn, standing up for the injustice Ms. Esposito is facing from her employer, and supporting one another.

    (As an aside, I think the male blogger should be checked for gluten toxicity. His bio says he is usually congested plus he’s cranky, a little all over the place and brain foggy… hmmm…)

    1. 25.1

      The Gluten Dude

      Just a fantastic comment FreeK.

      I know…I shouldn’t take the bait. Live and learn.

      1. 25.1.1

        Gluten FreeK

        Me too, Dude, me too :(

        They got me hook line and stinker sinker…

        … but there’s too much good in this pond to be pulled out by bottom trawlers who cast a wide net.



          “The other tweeted that she ate a big bowl of pasta while writing the article “f*uck yeah”.

          Freeky girl, it’s a damn good thing I do not tweet…,…(ok, deep breath and relax….that’s right, Irish….let it go….ah)

          I keep telling the Dude the greater good is showing. The Celiac Nation (that’s a keeper, Gemini ) has risen up and we are being heard.

          I promise you guys, all of our efforts to educate will come to fruition.

          I admire you wonderful and talented bloggers who continue to do such good work.

          Stay the course. Spread the word. Bullies exposed (or punched soundly on the nose) will lose their power.



            Gluten FreeK

            She has since hidden or removed the remark! I don’t know if it’s conscious or cowardess; either way it’s ok.

            I saw the one (and last time) I visited her website that she writes her incendiary pieces and now refuses to read the comments. Not sure how that leaves room for introspection and evolution of ideas.

            As for the “Nation”, our local bakery just changed their name to “Gluten Free Nation”–fun coincidence!

            1. IrishHeart

              FREEKY SAID:
              “Not sure how that leaves room for introspection and evolution of ideas”

              It doesn’t, babes. Small minds never want to grow.
              FREEKY ALSO SAID :)

              “As for the “Nation”, our local bakery just changed their name to “Gluten Free Nation”–fun coincidence!”

              Coolio!!!….I will pass this forward to GEMINI –an 8- year celiac “veteran”–a petite spitfire of a courageous woman whom I adore. She was instrumental in helping me heal. Like me, she nearly died from this thing. But we didn’t. :)

              Thanks, hon… you rock!

              1. Gemini

                You don’t mess with a bunch of people who eat the right way, which results in NO brain fog and muddled thinking. Maybe that’s the problem here…all those poor, ignorant souls who bash Celiacs are really suffering from gluten induced stupidity!

                1. IrishHeart

                  I wish I had a giant megaphone and I would say:

                  “It may be time to step away from the wheaty pasta and bagels and donuts and stop being such a grouchy pants”

                  Anyone else notice there’s so much anger and lack of humor out there?
                  Life is not fun with a stick wedged up yer butt.
                  Must be hard to walk………

  25. 26

    Kris Cullinan

    This brings back memories of this past christmas when I asked my family to make the meal gf. They were having ham balls which has bread crumbs and soy sauce (neither gf as it was store bought), the casseroles were using condensed soups (Campbells doesn’t seem to know what gf is yet) and of course desserts – cakes, pies, cookies. The only items on the list that would be gf were applesauce and mashed potatoes. Since my family refused to try to make anything gf (they told me to bring whatever I wanted to eat which basically would have amounted to my whole meal), I refused to eat dinner with them. Instead went to my inlaws who went out of their way to find foods I could eat. You’re right dude. No one who isn’t a doctor or who doesn’t have it should say or write anything about it.

  26. 27

    Miss Dee Meanor

    “According to SPINS, gluten-free sales totaled $12.4 billion in the 52 weeks leading up to August 4, 2012. This includes sales in all channels, including natural, specialty gourmet and conventional food and drug. The number reflects an 18% increase over the previous year, which recorded $10.5 billion in sales.”


    That is $10.5 BILLION dollars spent by “The Gluten-Free Nation” and you can bet your bottom dollar the majority of that money isn’t being spent by fad dieters. I want to know why those who gladly take our money aren’t speaking out in support of Jennifer? We should take notte of any who call CBS out on this.

    (Sorry so late to the party.)

    1. 27.1


      You are not late, Miss Dee….you are right on time!

      (and raising an excellent point.)

      P.S. I just signed the petition on on Jennifer’s behalf….. as did my hubs, my sister and a bunch of my friends.

      1. 27.1.1


        Thanks Irish, I just signed the petition too.



          ;) thanks, Diana

  27. 28


    So, I reluctantly watched BB last night 10/26 episode to see if it was true –CBS said she would appear through Nov. 2.

    Jennifer’s character Jackie was NOT featured at all and not even mentioned. JE’s name was still in the opening credits. I wrote down the names of the sponsors thinking we could boycott them, but in truth, we’re fighting a machine here. :(

    Here is what I found most disturbing…. (Maybe I am too sensitive?):

    One of the subplots was a dispute between siblings who own a pizza shop. She wanted to make more gourmet pizzas apparently—but he did not.

    So she has a catering truck parked out front and sells her goods from it. As they fight, Jamie, the cop asks —-what’s the problem??.

    The man says words like this:–” she wants to sell this “hipster stuff”… “patrons don’t wanna eat this stuff, this.. ” glutton free…”

    (he said it like it rhymes with BUTTON)


    Later, the entire clan eats from the many boxes of pizza on the table –not a veggie in sight—and the kids gush “This is the Best Sunday Dinner ever”.

    This family eats a giant home-cooked meal–every week. Not this week. This week, it was pizza.

  28. 29


    This is outrageous! I posted on the Blue Blood’s FB page:

    Generally speaking, I like all the cast members of Blue Bloods. Was so happy to see Tom back on a series again. But not even Tom will keep this one time loyal viewer. CBS cares? Really? Jennifer Esposito has a medical issue. Has CBS and the producers time jumped back to the medieval ages? She has a M.E.D.I.C.A.L. issue. It is a condition that is verified by a physician — and the producers, CBS or whomever dumps her from the show, then blocks her from making a living elsewhere? What kind of group does that? Well, it’s the kind of group that is losing this viewer — an likely many many more. I have a list of commercial sponsors: I will not be purchasing any items that support this program or their leadership. One detergent is as good as another in this case. One toothpaste is just as effective as their competition — and I am spreading the word. Any sponsor that supports the program that casts out a person due to an illness, then contractually shuts off that persons ability to earn a living will not get my support or the support of those I know. To the leadership and decision makers of Blue Bloods: Bad move. Wont even watch the reruns when you get cancelled.

  29. 30


    just fire jennifer esposito, cbs, she’s not worth it, she’s forgettable

  30. 31

    Kent Munro

    I think the treatment of Jennifer Esposito by CBS is atrocious. How is it that they can withhold her pay AND prevent her from working elsewhere?

    Disgusted with CBS.

    what can we do to help her cause?

    1. 31.1

      The Gluten Dude

      Thanks Kent. Just don’t watch the show. Don’t support the advertisers. Write to CBS and show your disgust.

  31. 32


    blue blood had about 12mil+ viewers at the start of year 2014, good riddance [edited by Gluten Dude]!!!

    1. 32.1


      you are truly an ass! perhaps one day someone in your family will be so callously mistreated by their employer.

    2. 32.2

      Gluten Dude

      Are you that much of a miserable slug that you would take the time to leave a comment like that? The only reason I kept it up is to show what ignorance and hate look like. It must be awful to be you.

  32. 33

    Mark II

    We love Jennifer Esposito and have stopped watching Blue Bloods – hypocrites about love, family, empathy and all good things.
    We wish her a wonderful future – good health and a fantastic
    acting career – watching her now on a 2010 Lifefime Movie (and she was great in every episode of BB plus the movie Crash).
    She deserves good things!
    All our best wishes to her – and that series showed its true colors – so did CBS

  33. 34


    I feel her pain. Out of necessity I work two full time jobs, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week if they do not overlap. I am blessed that in my caring for a man with special needs, he doesn’t go out much but requires a lot of monitoring and prompting (he is 52 with a mental age of 4). I can work the other job and do graduate school work. I feel exhausted a lot but I push hard for the 5 days of the week I have to be available by telephone for the other job (work from home community guide-providing for the needs of individuals with special needs that Medicaid doesn’t provide). One day a week I recharge. I can’t do all of this without it. Sunday is usually family day. My husband is disabled and seeking disability so I go to every MD appts with him and oversee his care. It’s exhausting but it is what is required until he gets disability and maybe then I can slow down. It was within this process I was diagnosed with Celiac, while my daughter was in labor with my first grandchild. I am struggling with GF because of my lifestyle however thankfully both of my employers are familiar with the disease and are accepting that I bring my own food (with enough for the individual I care for) despite the fact that one benefit of the job is supposed to be being fed 3 meals a day for your shift. Sadly most of the food, due to his budget, is processed and full of gluten. He would rather eat my beans, salad and homemade GF stuff that has been modified from a regular recipe than what has been purchased for him. I am inclined to agree. I totally don’t understand the public’s need to vilify this condition. It is very real. Jennifer should totally contact a lawyer. I would imagine Americans with Disabilities Act would show several rights that are being violated where Jennifer is concerned.

  34. 35


    Whah?? Just read this PR tripe. I worked on set with Jennifer Esposito in 2007-08. Since Wes Craven’s Dracula in 2000, Esposito has been documented as difficult to work with. She’s on the infamous Hollywood blacklisted “life’s too short” list. She has angered at least one producer on every larger budget project she’s worked on in the last 17 years. That she’s now eking out a living on B-list tv shows and cartoons, and her own (soon to be ex) husband is suing her over that disastrous “gluten-free” endeavor is no surprise. That Esposito considered herself a formidable opponent in fighting CBS was, in fact, astonishing and career-ending.

    1. 35.1


      Why are you anonymous?

    2. 35.2

      Gluten Dude

      Your comment proves two things: 1) That you get your news from the slimy NY Post; and 2) that surprisingly you can even read.


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