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    Great interview GD! Hope you had a good time writing it!

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    It’s so refreshing to see these answers given the increase of bad “gluten free” products being pushed these days. I consider myself very lucky that the local brewery, EPIC, makes “The Glutenator” to compete with the Omission beers. These are the only two options I’ve seen offered in my area.

    Side story, 6 weeks ago when I was diagnosed, I went to a local eatery that I knew had good gluten free options. The menu listed Omission as being a gluten free beer, but “The Glutenator” didn’t have that designation. (I’m working on educating the staff on that.) I was thrilled to drink the Omission, but on my second one, I saw the non gluten free disclaimer. Ugh. I raced home and Googled Omission and it brought me to one of GlutenDude’s articles (the second time he had helped me out as he also warned me about Amy’s products). Can’t tell you enough how much I loved finding this invaluable blog!

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    Great article and interview!! This makes me want to go out and get a case of Glutenberg right now. Hopefully more and more of these beers will be available in Canada soon – we still have a limited amount compared to the US. Cheers!

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    You are hereby invited to Pittsburgh, to experience Aurochs Brewing Company: And you are not too far to get here. So get here!

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      Gluten Dude

      5 hours away. You have a long straw?

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    Thank you for writing this!! So exciting to learn about these brands!

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    As a formal (pre-celiac) beer snob and resident of western Washington, I was excited to find Ghostfish. And even more excited to discover it at Safeco Field so I can enjoy beer while watching baseball at the stadium for the first time in years. I am so appreciative of the work all these guys are doing to ensure suffers of celiac have not only safe beer to drink, but DELICIOUS craft beer that’s safe.

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      Gluten Dude

      Delicious and safe. Awesome combo.

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    Thanks, Gluten Dude! The fact that GroundBreaker (formerly Harvester) came back to Vermont means that there must be a god! Because I sure prayed enough for its return ;)
    And their little brewpub out in Portland was the highlight of our trip out west. Such a great product, such nice, cool people. Now we just have to get Ghostfish to distribute to the beautiful craft beer-loving and health-conscious state of Vermont! You’ve really got me excited to try it.
    Steadfast Brewing out of Albany, NY is also a great 100% gluten free craft beer brewery. Definitely recommended for anyone in the mid-Atlantic/Northeast region. And though I’m usually a totally hop-frenzied IPA queen, I admit that it’s not autumn for me without a taste of a good pumpkin spice type beer (ah how I miss my Southern Tier Imperial Pumking). Steadfast has helped fill that need with their seasonal bombers of pumpkin spice. A little sweet for me, but has great flavor and fits the bill.
    Thanks again for this! Over and out! :)

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      Pumking was like pumpkin pie in a glass, and I mean that in the best possible way. I always enjoyed Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Weyerbacher. Not as sweet as Pumking, but full of those pumpkin spices, not to mention a hefty ABV. Sigh. Since diagnosed (celiac disease totally sucks, by the way), Steadfast is my go-to beer. They have a decent pale ale, if you like the hoppier varieties, and they have a very palatable oatmeal stout if you like that sort of thing … and I do. Here’s hoping that the beers GD wrote about start getting wider distribution, as I can’t find any of them in my area (just west of Philly).

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    Thanks Gluten Dude for reaching out to these GF beer companies for information about their products and processing practices!

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    Roy Phillips

    This is a very timely article. After being diagnosed as gluten sensitive the first thing I did was to goggle gluten free beer. I found Redbridge. I have acquired a taste for it and have tried all others that I could find with very limited success. I recently found Teason Ale (GF) from Dogfish Head Brewing and really liked it. But wouldn’t you know it I buy 2-4 pks and now they have stopped brewing it. I am in the Delaware/Eastern shore of Maryland area. I will check check the internet to see if I can get those that you guys offer. Hopefully I can find them. I LIKE/LOVE my beer.
    Roy Phillips

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      Hey Roy, I know from talking to James @ Ground Breaker that you can get their beers online at Bring on the Beer, but they don’t ship to Maryland (Delaware is okay though!)

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    Hands down the best three gluten free breweries out there! I met the guys at Ghostfish when I was up in Seattle last year and they’re all awesome dudes. I loved that Jason said that one of their principles is to make beer that’s comparable to all, not just other gf beers – I’d say they’re succeeding, because a couple of theirs I tried were the best beers I’ve ever tasted! 👍🏻👍🏻 Seriously, they were so good I cried lol. And they said I wasn’t the first person to do that. 😂 Thanks for doing gf beer right, guys!!! ❤️

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    I would love to see a gluten free non alcoholic beer on the market for summer days when I don’t want to drink alcohol during the day.

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    Dick L.

    These companies are doing noble work for us celiacs. I’m not traditionally a beer drinker (wine being my alcoholic beverage of choice), but I used to drink beer when traveling and needing a safe beverage. As I got older (currently 76) I found carbonated beverages less of a problem (I couldn’t handle anything fizzy when I was a kid), and I’d started to learn to enjoy beer. Then celiac struck (starting maybe five years ago, diagnosed for sure three years ago). So beer was to be avoided again. Recently I’ve tried some GF beers (real GF, not gluten-removed), and I’m beginning to enjoy them. For the reading of this blog post, I popped a can of Glutenberg American Pale Ale, and it’s pretty darn good. I salute Mr. Cayer and his associates.

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    This is awesome work. About a month ago, I did an article on my blog comparing gluten free and gluten removed beers and how they are made. After a response I got on Twitter, I did more research on gluten testing for gluten removed beer and found out that basically, no one has any idea how much gluten is in those beers or if they are actually safe for celiacs. I decided that gluten removed beer just isn’t worth the risk for me. Sadly, gluten removed beer is the standard in the UK and it’s really hard to find truly gluten FREE beer here. I’m glad to see these guys getting some attention, as it’s important to support the brewers who are making products that are really and actually safe for celiacs.

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    Awesome work guys! I work at a brewery, does not make a gf beer :( But my Brewmaster and Sales Rep (as do I) do look for samples to bring back for me at beer fests that he attends! I do wish that I had more accessibility to get GF beers in my area

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    Hey, does anyone know for certain if Mongozo beer is gluten-free or gluten removed? Cheers!

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    Dick L.

    Their Premium Pilsener includes this in the description on their website: “The beer is brewed using only high-grade organic barley malt, organic hops and Fairtrade certified-organic rice.” In my opinion, that puts them pretty squarely in the gluten removed camp. They say their Buckwheat White is brewed with “malt”, but they don’t say what kind of malt; in the absence of other information, I’d assume barley.

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    Great interview! I found Glutenberg at Whole Foods shortly after being diagnosed with Celiac’s. Their Red Ale blew me away. I had been searching for a good red/amber for *years* in a sea of IPAs and varients thereto!

    (Glad Glutenberg’s link to this alerted me to your blog)

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    After I was diagnosed with celiac last fall, my husband went out and bought me every gluten free beer that he could find (yes, he is a great guy). The only two available here in the Midwest that I found acceptable were Glutenberg and Two Brothers Prairie Path. Glutenberg was exceptional — not just for a gluten free beer, but for for ANY beer. I also liked the Two Brothers Prairie Path. At the time, I didn’t know the difference between gluten-removed beer and truly gluten free beer. Well, as we all learn, gluten free does not mean celiac safe. The other night after work it was a beautiful spring evening, perfect for a cold one on the patio. I chose a Prairie Path (after not drinking one for months). Within two hours, I had to go to bed and had to come home from work the next day. While lying nearly comatose on the couch, I read this post. Ah, ha!! No more gluten-removed beer for me. Glutenberg all the way. THANK YOU!!!!!!

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    I have celiac and drink Daura a lot. It’s accepted as gluten free in the UK and is included in Coeliac UK’s list of safe foods/drinks. It has never caused any reaction, plus my annual blood tests and endoscopies have confirmed full intestinal healing and normal antibody count. So from all available evidence, it’s not causing me harm. Not saying it’s for all celiacs as clearly it is affecting some of you.

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    I got sick of the few corporate options available and none of these real gf beers are available in my area, so I started brewing my own. I use the same ingredients, malted millet and buckwheat, plus sorghum to boost it but you can’t taste it. My results have been good and I’ve really just got my feet wet. It’s very doable if you have some time/money to get started. Probably the best part is making my own recipe and brewing any kind I want.

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    I love Glutenberg so much, maybe too much :). The red ale in the brown can is just so good! I’ve been going low carb so I’m on a break from beer but will be back with my Glutenberg soon!

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    Glad to see there are true gluten free beers out there. I just wish I could find some of them around us here in Montana. My wife was diagnosed a year ago and she has tried the Gluten removed beers and they just tear her up and she is sick of Cider. Looks like I may have to make a road trip to Seattle or Portland to get some for her.

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    Jeff SanGeorge

    Just saw this post, nice job getting the perspective of the brewers! I’m glad to see guys like this promoting and creating true gluten-free beers in the face of all of the gluten-removed beers out there now.
    Sadly I don’t have access (yet) to any of these three beers. I’ve recently begun reviewing gluten free (and gluten-removed) beers at my new blog: – I’m hoping to keep adding more beers to build this up to be a good resource for the Gluten free community.

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    Just went on a hunt to try and find any of these three and no luck. My local package store did carry Glutenberg, but apparently stopped, said he’s going to get in back in again, we’ll see what happens. Hopefully these guys will expand to shipping their beer to CT, would love to try them. Tried one from Steadfast Beer Co yesterday, only other true GF beer I have found so far in my area, and it was ok. Been drinking the Angry Orchard, and thinking the sugar is getting to be too much for me as I feel heady the day after. Thanks for the great read!

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    Brent Alan Dedick BAD GF Canada

    Good job everyone and highly impressed..

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    Hey guys thanks so much for this – it’s just what I’ve been looking for. Over the pond here I’m UK/France based the only beers I see are gluten-removed (with th exception of green’s brewery who do 3 NGCI beers). Literally everywhere I go I see Celia which has ‘suitable for coeliacs on it’ ughhhh ten big bold BARLEY MALT on the side … I got really excited when I found some french quinoa based beer that had been recommended to me by a gf friend but it only had “malt” listed on the ingredients and it was only after my second beer that I figured something was up, searched in my bestest french and still couldn’t find what the malt was derived from, grr. I’m whole30 4 Lyf so I don’t drink – but I’ll do anything for a banging IPA once in a blue moon – I just feel it’s a little too once in a blue moon that I actually find a beer that’s safe. This ultimately comes down to the differences in EU and US regulations. To be gf certified in the EU the product must contain less than 20ppm – that’s it. What’s worse (I don’t wanna rant here so I’ll keep it short) coeliac UK seem to brand stuff and particularly gf beers almost willy nilly to those who can pay the price. The beer you produce looks amazing and if I head across the pond in the future I’ve got my list ready and waiting!

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      Gluten Dude

      I’ll have one chilled and waiting for you.

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    Ali M.

    A little late, but thanks for this. I’d been drinking gluten removed beers every so often because I fell for their marketing. I started noticing symptoms, but continued drinking them occasionally. If it was the only “gluten free” option at a bar/restaurant… I’d think, one won’t hurt, right? (Usually I’m much more diligent than this, but when I’m out with friends, caution and judgment sometimes take a backseat.) Finally this weekend it came back to bite me. I got awfully sick and decided to swear them off for good, and right at that time I saw you reposted this article. That solidified my stance against them. It’s upsetting that companies do this. You won’t see me drinking those again! By the way, I am a huge fan of Glutenberg as I only discovered it recently in my area. That’s my new go-to! Hoping to try the others.

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    I tried to buy any one of the three gluten free beers in fl I can not find it.
    note I asked total wine 561 731 5411 he looked it up and could find no venders that have carry it

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    Gayle Anderson

    Great interview. It is impossible to find gluten free beer in any Omaha establishments. They all sell Omission, so I have been very vocal about the damage in serving this to unknowing customers who shouldn’t drink it. Burns my butt that I can’t go have a beer with family and friends.

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    I’m lucky because I’m in Canada and I have access to all the Glutenberg beers easily. I was just diagnosed this year and unfortunately, I loved beer before I went gluten free. I’m a big fan of red ales and I’m picky too. I just tried the Glutenberg red ale and it made my day, it is a very good beer that taste like a beer to me!! Cheers!


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