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    This is great news about the new test. There are so many “hydrolyzed” food and drink products out there that are invalid in ELISA testing. Not that ELISA is not useful, just that we need another method for them. I feel very much the same way about Red Bridge, but I wasn’t a beer snob. I just preferred Guinness. Sadly I haven’t found anything with the thickness and darkness that I miss. Maybe they need to start looking at brewing with beans. Miso tastes more like beer to me than some of the GF beers out there. There are tons of beans out there, all ready to be fermented, though, not just soy. I suspect red kidney beans would work, they have the right taste. Or adzuki? Hmm.. wonder if anyone’s tried that?

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    Cali Celiac


    Try Glutenberg Stout and Greens Endeavour Dubbel Ale, they are the best dark GF beers I’ve found. Glutenburg is from Canada and Greens is from Belgium and they both are carried by Bevmo and Wines and More. Green’s uses millet, sorghum, buckwheat and rice while Glutenberg uses Millet and Buckwheat instead of malt.

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    only just stumbled on this site while trying to find out if Omission beer was available in Australia.

    I’ve got coeliac disease and avoid gluten like the plague – if I do have gluten I know about it within the hour, start with the gasiness and go down hill from there.
    Had a couple of stubbies of the pale ale while in the US of A over Christmas was told they were gluten free and didn’t look any further at the time. I didn’t have any reaction whatsoever so it’s disappointing to read this as it is a fairly decent tasting beer compared to the stuff made from sorghum (ie. O’briens) ???

    BTW – US labeling is difficult :-)

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      Gluten Dude

      U.S. labeling suuuuuuuucks!

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    Ohhh no. What about Corona, has that been through the new test?

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    Unfortunately, 40 years of drinking Bud killed my taste buds (no pun) before I was diagnosed. I find Redbridge the best of the bunch, and I have tried them all with the exception of Burning Brothers out of Minnesota and Departed Soles out of Jersey City

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    I was recently diagnosed, even after finding all of my symptoms disappeared on a GF diet two years ago. I have been telling people for two years that these types of beers are not safe (I had horrible reactions when I tried them two years ago). Yet, everyone says they are fine. Thanks for spreading the word to help people realize they are not safe.

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      I can say that ones I’ve tried: Glutenberg, Greens, Departed Soles, and Bradley Brew Project have all been better tasting than Red Bridge. Plus, now ciders are hitting big on the market which are an alternative idea as well.

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        Gluten Dude

        Totally agree! Though I’ve never heard of Bradley Brew. Will have to check them out.

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    they told me I was fine

    Hi Gluten Dude! I’m really glad you are spreading this news. I wish this story got the same traction that Omission beer gets with their press releases.

    I’m with you and I’m sticking to avoidance. Producers of these products are confusing the market and consumers and reducing options for people with gluten sensitivity and allergy and the very celiacs they claim to have a commitment to. The only thing that makes any sense to me on the entire Omission page are the government warnings at the bottom. Omission seems to still want to change the FDA guidelines for gluten free. They seem to want to do away with what little sense remains. They’re replacing sense with cent$.

    A couple more rants if I may:

    Every comment I’ve read about someone with celiac drinking Omission and having no problem has sounded pretty ‘gluten headed’ to me. This is no laughing matter for me. I suffered numerous nervous breakdowns before I learned I had celiac. The worst experiences were prolonged activities in breweries where I couldn’t focus or even function and didn’t know why.

    Gluten eaters should stop reviewing gluten free beers. I’ll be the judge if it sucks but I’ll still buy it because it warms my heart that someone cares that I get my beer at the end of a days work. For a gluten eater to say a gluten free beer sucks is both heartless and clueless.

    Here’s where it might get weird for some folks. I’m sad that it takes a test to verify what I feel I know already. To try to remove the gluten just because we can see some action take place scientifically does not imply to me an understanding of what celiac and allergy and sensitivity is. I suspect the root problem is with the hybridization of grains and is yet another face of the industrialized maximization and centralization of everything that makes the world a colder and meaner and more brutal place. This is truly my opinion. Yes, I wear Birkenstocks and I bite the hand that feeds me.

    Thank you for providing a venue for me to blow off some steam. I really appreciate your blog.
    Sincerely, they-told-me-I-was-fine

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      Gluten Dude

      My platform is your platform…

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    Hi Jim,
    I’m from Australia
    Try two Bays beer from the Mornington peninsula. It is great. I couldn’t stomach O’Brien’s



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