Month: August 2013

gluten free awareness

The "Celiac Awareness Tour" Changes their Name to the "Gluten-Free Awareness Tour". Why??

August 29, 2013 | 59 Comments

Dude note added 11/02/13: It seems the Celiac Awareness Tour is in the habit of ripping people off. Please think twice before engaging with them. Read about it here. This is not one of those things that will keep me up at night. I […]

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The Celiac Guilt

August 26, 2013 | 84 Comments

It’s been a great summer. Lots of fun. Lots of friends. And even though it’s gone by so quickly…at the same time it’s been a long summer. My health has kinda sucked. And as the summer winds down, I’m dealing with some guilt about […]

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daughter celiac

A Gut-Wrenching Love Note from a Mom to her 8-Year-Old Celiac Daughter

August 21, 2013 | 21 Comments

The following note, which was sent to me privately and posted with the Mom’s permission, needs no introduction. Please just read it and share it. This is the side of celiac disease the public eye does not see. And we need them to see […]

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is sperm gluten free

Is Semen Gluten Free?

August 20, 2013 | 77 Comments

Yes…I just went there. No…I am not curious for my own behalf (not that there’s anything wrong with it). The request came from somebody on my Facebook page. Her name is…oh wait…I probably shouldn’t share her name. 😉 Anyway, here is how the conversation […]

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shared equipment

Shared Equipment is NOT Gluten Free

August 15, 2013 | 56 Comments

A few days ago I wrote a blog post titled “Dear Bart & Judy: Your Cookies Aren’t Gluten-Free“. The essence of the post was that they labeled their cookies gluten-free and then added “May contain wheat” on the back of the package because they […]

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celiac typical symptoms

Celiac Rant: I Have Been Feeding Poison to My Child for Years

August 14, 2013 | 22 Comments

We need to be our own best advocates. I’ve been saying that for years. We simply cannot trust that the doctors word is final. Because far too often…it’s wrong. Especially when it comes to celiac disease. If you have not already, check out the […]

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bart judy gluten free

Dear Bart & Judy: Your Cookies Aren't Gluten-Free

August 12, 2013 | 52 Comments

I love how our community calls BS out. And I love that fact that they notify me so I can notify the masses. Case in point…I received the following message the other day from a fellow celiac: Hi Dude – I know you’ve had […]

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gluten questions

It's Mailbag Time!

August 9, 2013 | 20 Comments

I’ve got a laundry list of items I want to blog about. I haven’t touched upon the FDA ruling yet. There’s the new gluten-free dating site. A new “Gluten Free Vodka” is being marketed…even though all vodka is gluten free. The Today Show AGAIN […]

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Cheating on Your Gluten-Free Diet? I've Got One Word for You: Lymphoma

August 7, 2013 | 69 Comments

Still having that occasional slice of bread? Can’t resist having that cookie “just this one time”? Have you convinced yourself that a “gluten-removed beer” is just as safe as a “gluten-free beer“? Well then step right up. You’re now officially a prime candidate for […]

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gluten free friend

Celiac Rant: My Gluten-Free Friend is Making Me Sick

August 5, 2013 | 65 Comments

Where oh where does the time go? It’s been many months since I posted a reader’s celiac rant. I know somebody who has a friend with celiac disease. But they still eat gluten sometimes because “she must not have it as bad as you […]

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Who I am. And who I'm not.

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