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    The Atomic Mom

    Could you do a follow up to this and talk about what kinds of foods can go thru TSA, how to pack them so they don’t spoil?

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      The Atomic Mom

      And also perhaps, talk about what it’s like going thru airport security in another country with food. I don’t know anything about Hong Kong airports — do they have a TSA equivalent, and do they have the same type of wacky rules we have in the US about liquids etc.?

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    We went to China this summer. I took a packing cube of fruit snacks, protein bars, crackers, and meat sticks. I take a doctors note explaining my need for the food, but haven’t needed it. I had no issues with Chinese TSA equivalent, which is far more efficient that the US. The US TSA opens your bag of snacks and checks every item. Chinese liquid allowance is similar to the US and Europe. Happy travels!

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    i dont go anywhere without snacks


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