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    • jjamstou2

      I am so frustrated and confused! I have been GF since March, and am fairly paranoid about cross contamination, etc. My son also was diagnosed with Celiac 3 months ago and is now GF but not worrying as much as me about CC and restaurants, etc. I made a completely gluten free Thanksgiving dinner. The only gluten at the table was some rolls and a pie that were brought in that we didn’t handle. After dinner we both felt ill!! My son said it’s the first time he’s felt sick in the 3 months he’s been off gluten. If it were just me, I would think it was having too much rich food, But I had the tell-tale “tight as a drum” feeling in my belly.
      SO.. I am trying to figure out which GF item wasn’t really gluten free. My options:
      -The green bean casserole I made with Certified GF soup and Certified GF fried onions?
      -The GF pie crust from Whole Foods that supposedly was made in a gluten free facility?
      -The bread crumbs from Trader Joe’s gluten free stuffing mix (which I tested out the week before for flavor and felt fine)?
      -OR the scariest possibility for me, was it my GF flour blend I recently made? I used the blend in my new cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen. It calls for brown & rice flour, tapioca & potato starch. All sourced from Bob’s Red Mill which the cookbook suggested. I used it to thicken the apples in the pie, thicken the gravy, and make the strusel topping on the sweet potatoes. I’ve seem online that maybe they aren’t totally gluten free, but I can’t imagine that is it??
      I’ve thought about maybe it being an accumulation of low levels of gluten in all things combined? But if that was it, I wouldn’t expect my son to feel sick. He shares a gluten kitchen with a roommate and hasn’t felt this sick since pre- diagnosis.
      I don’t ever cook with that many gluten substitutes in one meal, but I only had a few bits of each. I am so frustrated and have no idea how to prevent this next year. And if it IS gluten somehow, then I feel like I contaminated my whole kitchen again!!
      Any ideas?? Hoping the sugar cookies I had the (adult) kids taste test while here this weekend for Xmas use are not all bad from my flour mix. 😬

    • Dick L.
      Dick L.

      From what you’ve said, I’d be suspicious of the pie crust, but it could have been any of the things, or even some CC from the glutenous items if they even made it into your kitchen. I suspect your flour blend was okay– I’ve used a lot of BRM products for the past four years since I got diagnosed, and never had a problem. Some people are concerned about BRM oat products (which from what I read on their web site a few months ago are not all from purity protocol oats), but again, I haven’t had problems myself.

      (You said your flour blend “calls for brown & rice flour”, by which I assume you mean brown rice flour and white rice flour.)

      Any chance that some pots, pans, utensils, etc. that hadn’t been adequately cleaned since being used with gluten-containing stuff were involved? I tend to scoff at most of the “conventional wisdom” about contamination from such sources, but I suppose it’s remotely possible. Were there any other possible gluten sources– for example, did you and your son have some “gluten removed” beer?

      It’s one of the frustrations of trying to living a GF life that things can happen and we can sometimes never know exactly what caused the problem. On the bright side, by next year, everything will most likely be from different batches of soup, fried onions, pie crust, stuffing mix, flours and starches, so you probably won’t have the same problem.

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