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    • graeme a
      graeme a

      Hi after a recent holiday abroad and some severe diohreea after that holiday I was give a blood test that suggested coeliac disease, I then had a camera down and biopsy taken which apparently confirmed that ….and I have been sent a letter telling me to commence a gluten free diet. The problem I am struggling with is the huge life style change I am expected to make when to be honest I have had no further issues some 6 months on! ..my bowel seems fine, I have no energy level issues pains etc and I’m finding it hard to focus given that. If I ate something and immediately felt poorly or uncomfortable then I think I could get my head around it easier and also feel more comfortable with the need to make the dietary change. Has anyone else had this sort of problem ? Thanks

    • Kate

      Celiac disease can be very sneaky. Retrospectively, looking back over my life, I can see subtle signs that I had it….but until recently, no dramatic symptoms. If you’ve had blood work and the endoscopy, and both confirmed celiac disease, then you’ve got it. If you have a variety that is mostly asymptomatic, at least most of the time, then it can be very difficult to make such a dramatic lifestyle change. However….you have some decisions to make. You might want to get a second opinion, just to confirm the diagnosis. Then you get to decide whether or not to treat the disease with lifestyle change…or not. If the diagnosis is correct, and you continue to eat a gluten diet because you seldom experience unpleasant symptoms, that is absolutely your right and your choice. Do chose consciously, though, being fully aware that it is doing hidden (and therefore easily ignored) damage to your body, and that there will probably be irreversible consequences later down the line. I don’t know about celiac disease (I”m pretty new to it), but I do know about diabetes – another easily ignored disease. I’ve watched two of my aunts essentially kill themselves slowly by completely ignoring their diabetes, and I’ve been watching my sister do exactly…the…same…thing for over 20 years now. It’s excruciating to love someone and have to watch that.

      That being said – all the decisions are yours. Your body, your choices, your rules. Me, I’d personally confirm the diagnosis, and, if confirmed, then I would adopt whatever changes I needed to make to control the disease.

      Do some deep thinking, treat yourself with great kindness and gentleness as you work with this decision. . I wish you the very best.

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