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Travel Success (& Horror) Stories

    • marylogo2

      We are planning a trip through Italy in 2016. I have heard it is a very Celiac friendly country due to high rate of CD. I would love to hear peoples’ experiences.

    • jxg

      Italy is easy relative to other countries in Europe but not as easy as the U.S. Download the app to your phone that has the celiac card in all languages as this comes in handy. Show it in every restaurant. There is not a large selection of GF foods in most markets. But generally you can find crackers, biscuits, chips, sometimes cereal. Schar brand with the yellow packaging is dominant in Europe. Almost always prosciutto and salami are GF. If you are in tourist places that don’t have big markets you can generally find a few things and labeling for Senza Glutine is clear. You will find in Italy that restaurants will many times not have GF menus advertised. But, Celiac is common in Italy and children are tested for it by age 6. So, if you show the app asking for celiac friendly foods they are accomodating. You can almost always get some fish, chicken or beef with vegetables. But, as always be diligent like you are anytime you eat out. Finally, because they do not have a lot of variety I suggest carrying your supply of snack bars, etc from home. I go to Italy a lot and generally feel fairly safe there. Some places are amazing while others just ok. Happy travels.

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