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    • PinkFortitude

      Hubby and I went out to celebrate my 5 year cancer survivorversary. After much research both online and over the phone, I picked out the restaurant of choice – Landini Brothers in Old Town, Alexandria VA. The “GF” meal was basically the same priced meal only with just the seafood, and no pasta (I was hoping for GF pasta, but I guess I didn’t ask the right questions.)


      With my gluten free cupcake sitting beside me, picked up from a 100% GF bakery, the server brings over a piece of cake with a candle in it. Soooo… which part of no gluten did you not understand? Hubby grabbed the plate after I blew out the candle and I ate my own special cupcake. (Which BTW… after eating clean for so long just tasted meh.).

      Fortunately, I didn’t get sick.

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