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Travel Success (& Horror) Stories

    • Alegria25

      Hi! I’m traveling to Scotland in October. I’ll be in Glasgow and Aviemore when I’m not out somewhere on the trail I’ll be walking. Does anyone have restaurant suggestions for Glasgow and/or Aviemore? From what I’ve read, Scotland seems Celiac-savvy. I’m so looking forward to this trip! It’s my first international trip since diagnosis. Thanks!!

    • kiki

      Hello from Scotland :)
      We’re fairly gluten free savvy over here and all major supermarkets (Morrisons, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, M&S, Waitrose for starters) will have a selection of gf basics. For restaurants I use the Coeliac UK app, but that is available to members only ( The other site I use is though the coverage is a bit spotty. The facebook groups listed there can also be very helpful. Other than that, whenever I’m out I just ask and most places can do something. Because of the new EU regulations they are required by law to know what allergens are present (or may be present) in their food. This regulation also applies to all food you buy in shops too – allergens must be highlighted. My personal recommendation would be to visit the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore.
      I hope you have an awesome trip!

    • TSTM

      We just spent 10 days in England and Scotland with our 17 year old son who has Celiac. We were pleasantly surprised at how easily he was able to eat, especially in Scotland. The grocery stores and even convenience markets had a good selection of prepackaged items, and most of them were better than what we have here in the states. We stocked up on easy to carry breakfast and snack items as well as some healthier fresh items for him. Many restaurants were well versed in cross contamination issues. I did a lot of research ahead of time and pre-booked most of our dinners before we left. We ate at a Pizza Express in 3 different towns for lunch because they were so good at providing an easy mid day meal that was safe and tasty. We even came across a small diner in the middle of the highlands that had a GF menu and had a wonderful lunch of homemade soup and GF bread. As far as vacations go, this was one of the best he has had since being diagnosed 5 years ago.

      Have fun. It is a beautiful country and the people are lovely.

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