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      Hey Folks just wanted to let you know something that happened to me recently. I have to take antibiotics because, in addition to Celiac, I have very serious Crohns disease. I take them everyday and usually they are not a problem. But one of my bottles recently (which was a sealed manufacturer bottle) triggered celiac symptoms. Almost immediately I got the cramping, the diarrhea, gas and burning. I contacted Sandoz, because my pharmacy said the medication wasn’t listed as containing gluten and I would need to contact the manufacturer about the problem. Not only would Sandoz do nothing in terms of providing a replacement bottle (they apparently never provide replacements), but they told me that they definitely can’t be sure it is gluten free because they don’t screen the ingredients, buy certified ingredients, or test the line or have any measures to prevent cross contamination. I thought people should know if they get any medication from Sandoz that this is a potential issue. I should say this was for a bottle of Aomoxicillin and Clavunate Potassium Tablets, 875/125 mg. My other antibiotic comes from TEVA, who actually are really helpful when anything like this arises. I am presently in a bit of a bind, because if I keep taking the bottle, I keep getting celiac symptoms, but I need to take antibiotics everyday or I get terrible infections.

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