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Travel Success (& Horror) Stories

    • mbpate

      My fiance and I are going to San Diego over his spring break. We live in the rural south where being GF is HARD so I’m super excited to get out and experice what it might be like somewhere more accepting of different diets. Does anyone have any restaraunt or even grocery suggestions?? I am prepared to take an extra suitcase and bring back food if I deem fit! lol First time traveling long distance GF, also first time flying GF. So if anyone has any suggestions or do’s and don’ts OR San Diego specific reccomendations, it is so appreciated!
      Thanks in advance :)

    • Janetwinva


      There are many places here in San Diego to eat gf! One of the main reasons I haven’t moved back East yet, is because it is much easier to eat here. Check out the Find Me Gluten Free App when you arrive and you will find some great places:) A quick glance at the CA Forum on here and you will find some suggestions as well!

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