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Parents w/ Celiac Kids

    • SwimMom

      I’ve been feeding a celiac kid for about four years now; always happy to mentor newbies. My kids are 10 and 11.

    • Jenuine

      My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed about a year ago. Finally feel like I have a handle on it, although the emotional aspects still catch me off guard from time to time. So thankful for moms like SwimMom who helped me learn the ropes a year ago!!

    • jenninaustin

      Just realized GD had a forum…. :) Woot! My 12 year old son was just diagnosed this past spring (and 6th grade was a mess for us – he missed SO MUCH SCHOOL). I’m glad we have the summer to adjust, he’s really being a champ about everything and feeling much better. Here’s to hoping that 7th grade is much better!

      • jpay

        My daughter missed quite a bit of school during the initial illness/diagnosis phase. She’s normally an honors student but her grades dropped dramatically. After diagnosis and initial adjustments she slowly returned to her pre-celiac self. After about a year she was better than normal,she was healthy and happy! It takes time but it will get much better.

    • missdiamondbc

      I have an 8 year old daughter that was diagnosed with Celiac about 6 months ago. Her only symptom was lack of growth, and that didn’t start until she was 5 (no growth at all from 5 to 8). She also has ADHD and is on the spectrum, so dealing with dietary changes was not fun. I think we’re doing okay with it now.

    • Palvyre

      I was diagnosed with Celiac a little over a year ago. My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed a couple of months ago.

    • allaboutashlee

      Hi! My daughter is 5 (almost 6) and just started kindergarten. She was diagnosed at 4. Doctors don’t think she had ever digested her food :(

      Happy to have a forum to discuss all-things kid GF

    • Ami Frank
      Ami Frank

      I have an 8yr old daughter that was diagnosed just before the age of 2 (right after my 2nd kid was born… talk about being hormonal and then dealing with the diagnosis I knew nothing about!)

      But we have come a long way and she is doing great. 2nd kiddo is still not celiac, and we all get tested every 2 years or so.

      This has been a life changer for our family – lots of good things – more eating at home together as a family, more aware of healthy eating, etc. But, I also started my own GF Bakery – licensed home bakery in Iowa. I can’t wait to quit my regular day job and do this full-time, but it will be awhile before that happens. Fingers crossed.

      But if anyone needs advice – been doing this since before she remembers what anything gluten tastes like (which is probably a good thing).

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