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protein powder

  • abigtadoo

    I am looking at various brands of protein powder to use in smoothies. I am celiac and lactose intolerant. My husband and kids use a protein powder but it’s not gluten free. Anyone have any experience or suggestions?

  • Debbee1

    Hi Abigtadoo :) … I am not in your area, but I found a great protein powder for my shakes. It is called Plant Fusion and I buy it at Kroger’s. I had to ask them to carry it in my area, and they did. It is available at most health food type stores, as well, like Whole Foods. I found the vanilla to be the best. Hope you connect with others from your area!

  • allaboutashlee

    Hi! I found the one we use (I think it’s a pea protein?) on Amazon. It was pricey but it works great! It’s GF. We have it in chocolate

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