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    • SloaneB

      We’ve been visiting Plum Bakery since it opened in Fall 2015 and have found it consistently awesome. There is such a variety of gf treats – the eponymous plum donuts, as well as rugelach, baguettes, chocolate babka, snickerdoodles, black and whites, chocolate chip cookies, scones, muffins, challah, cornbread, pizza, quiches and sesame, poppyseed, onion and everything bagels to name a few – and everything is delicious. Never thought I’d have an everything bagel again after going gluten-free a year ago! The owner, Natalie, also owns the restaurant Plum on Park in Montclair, which features items from the bakery. Almost all of the food at the restaurant is gluten-free too and they are very careful about cross-contamination.

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