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Anything Goes

    • Brad

      ‘First of all Hello,
      My name is Brad I’m 44, Married to the love of my life Anna. With a 9 year old son Fin who is the best kid I could ever hope to have. We just found out last week our son has Celiac.

      Here it goes…
      Our son is very small for a 9 year old, he is in 3rd grade and is 50lbs. I was small when I was young so I didn’t really thing much about it. My wife would not let it go. When momma bear has a gut feeling something isn’t right, you go with momma bear no questions asked. So for about 4 years we have been going to Doctors trying to find out what is going on. When our son was 6 he weighted 40lbs. In 3 years he has only gained 10lbs and he eats like a horse. I mean from Breakfast to bed time he is always eating and we could not figure out why he wouldn’t gain weight. We pestered the hell out of his doctor.

      Finally I had had enough, my wife wasn’t sleeping she was so worried, and she doesn’t really like confrontation, me I don’t care if I have something to say about something that isn’t right watch out cause your going to hear about it.

      So I tell her make and Dr. appointment I will take him and I will get us to where we need to be with regards to Fins health.

      So she does and I take Fin to the Dr. (again for like the 30th time in 4 years). And let me tell I’m not happy. The doctor walks in with the same line of crap we had heard for the last 4 years. And I am just staring holes through this dr. she looks at me like, Oh Shit. I let her have it. And you know what she says.. “Well maybe he has celiac disease. Its just a blood test.” I swear I thought I was going to go through the roof. “What do you mean, its only a blood test? We have been here a million times with his issues, for 4 years we have been on you. And “its only a blood test.” Why the hell haven’t we taken the damn thing.

      Well needless to say we got the blood test and the test we took goes up to 150 on the chart, he was at 150+. the Specialist (who has been great) said she doesn’t know how high it is cause it doesn’t go past 150.

      Here comes the Scared Shitless part of the story.

      So my wife and I dig in, figure out what this is and what we have to do to help our son to be healthy. On day one we looked at a couple things about gluten free (not Celiac) were like “Hell we can do this no problem.” (Yes we are idiots) So we download a gluten scanner app and start scanning stuff that we have in the house. Its like man he can have all this stuff. (Like I said we are idiots). So we think we are good, we know how to beat this thing. (I told you we were idiots).

      And then the “Oh Shit” moment hit “Cross Contamination”. And you kind of just go dumb. So last night I had a good cry. Thinking how can I protect my son. Then I got pissed. You will not hurt my son anymore and you will not dictate his life to the point where he cant do what he wants to do and be the best person he can.

      My wife and I have have really dug deep into this for the last week, Books (yours by the way, read it in one sitting), websites, anything we could get our hands on.

      I don’t really have much after that. This is like I stated we are a week into this Journey for our family, my wife and I are going gluten free with him. We will win and we will not give into the demon that is gluten that is harming our son.

      Fin is a rock star we have talked to him about it. He told be last night, “I will win”.

      Sorry for the long rant, I have a lot to say while I sit at work furious with tears running down my face.

      Proud Father and Husband

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