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Friends and Family of Celiacs

    • scully97

      ugg….my husband was diagnosed a year ago. He doesn’t believe he has it bad enough to worry about cross contamination. For the most part he has given up gluten, but he cheats and says “it was just a little”. He is miserable because he misses his bread. If we get pizza he eats it. I’ve given up. Why should I kill myself if he won’t even care. I make new things, make 2 meals (4 kids gf isn’t always option although I did find a pasta that my kids do like). He doesn’t read labels, the other day I looked a drink he had … it was a malt beverage!!! wth am I supposed to do. I know I’m not supposed to do anything, but why am I killing myself when he doesn’t care.
      sorry had to vent, looking for someone who has similar problem.
      “old school mentality”

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