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    • shellymarie

      So the last few months have been pretty rough, living on Prilosec and dealing with pain. I have dealt with insomnia off an on ever since we got stationed in California so some nights I take Benadryl to help me sleep, one night I started to throw up after I took it and it burned so so bad and I couldn’t sleep from the stomach pain, the next night the same thing, and the next until I started to throw up chunks of blood… I went to the G.I dr the next day and they got me scheduled for a endoscopy 3 weeks later. They couldn’t find anything… They said everything looked fine, now again 3 weeks later I am on a double dose of Prilosec and waiting to have my gallbladder checked. I am so sick of being in pain, I just dont understand why all of a sudden my stomach is just Fucked, I am scared to eat most of the time because my body will sometimes just say F you and ill be running to the bathroom. I do have a pretty high-stress life which I know can contribute to celiac tummy trouble, its just so hard to work the hours I work, be a military spouse getting ready for another move and deal with chronic stomach issues.

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