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My Child Thinks I Don't Care About Her Celiac Disease

  • jpay

    My daughter often criticizes me as not taking her celiac disease seriously. I understand it’s mostly due to her age. She’s 14, diagnosed for a year, hormonal and mad at the world.

    The problem is when I hear her tell me I’m not respecting her illness or taking it seriously it hurts my feelings and upsets me. I worked non stop to get her a proper diagnosis, even putting her in a car against her doctor’s recommendation and taking her to Cleveland Clinic. We attend all follow up appointments and have all her blood work done and meds provided to her when she needs. I have separate utensils, cookware, plates, food and cleaning tools for her. I pack extra gluten free food on every trip. If we have to visit a restaurant I plan where we eat ahead of time, get her a copy of the menu and talk to the staff to make sure she’s properly cared for.

    I listen to her when she cries and voices frustration over being ‘different’. I talk with her friends and their parents, teachers and family members to make sure she’s treated the same as everyone else.

    I know it’s not personal, she’s a teenager who feels different and that’s never a good thing for a young person. I’m just wondering, do any other parents go through this? How do you deal with the hurt feelings when you hear your child tell you you’re not helping or respecting her?

  • Ami Frank
    Ami Frank

    Ugh, that is a tough one – one that I am not looking forward to. My daughter is only 8, been diagnosed since 2yrs old.

    I hope the situation improves for you – and I am sure you are right – that it is just a teenager thing. But I am not looking forward to this, as I already see my daughter getting sad at times, has a little pitty party, etc. And not to be a meanie, but I don’t let her have a pitty party. I just ask if she wants to eat it and then throw up for the next 5 hours… and then she turns it around quickly. But as a teenager – wow- REALLY not looking forward to that.

    Good luck – and know that you can always vent here!

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