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My 7 yr old Type 1 Diabetic daughter just got Celiac Dx!

  • Sjbaker

    My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 15 months of age. 6 years to the day, (three days ago) she received the Celiac diagnosis. I am big on creating “normalcy” and keeping things upbeat for her… spin that negative into a positive and all that! ;) I’m really looking for tips to ease into this new gluten free world. Day to day tricks to keep everything rolling. I am concerned about eating out, birthday parties, etc, etc. I do not want her to feel left out, and have gone gluten free as well, just to ensure she isn’t alone in this, but I can see the road block she faces, and want to minimize it as much as humanly possible. Any advice would be appreciated!!!! :)

  • ellasmom

    Hi! I am in the same situation as you – my daughter was also diagnosed this earlier this year at 7. We are still navigating and learning. The one thing I have been able to help normalize for my daughter is school lunch. I needed to work with the school nurse and kitchen manager to get her onto their GF lunch program. My school and district already had processes in place to accommodate Celiacs.

    As I’ve become more familiar with GF cooking, I am finding ways for my daughter to help more in the kitchen and with making our food. Food became scary to her with her diagnosis; I am hoping that the more she can learn to do herself it will help her confidence and make food a more normal part of her life again.

    Good luck!

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