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    • ekhuddy

      Hey all! Does anyone know of any microwave GF recipes? College student here looking to give myself more safe meals at school

    • Catherine N.
      Catherine N.
      Catherine N.Catherine N.

      What kinds of flavors and things do you like? And any other dietary issues? I found some wonderful little pouches of Indian-spiced beans and lentils at Costco, which are great over rice. You can make polenta in the microwave too, top it with an egg and tomato sauce… The polenta is basically like you would do on the stove, but less water. Stir every so often (use a ceramic or Pyrex dish).

    • melanie

      Whenever I travel I’m in the same situation. Here are some things I eat:

      -“hard-boiled” eggs with salt and pepper or Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise (it says gluten-free on it). I found out that if you take a big bowl of water, heat it for a minute or two, then crack and egg and drop it in the water and cook the whole thing for another minute or two then you have a nice, cooked egg! (I recently found this out and it was a very exciting moment for me lol). But don’t try to microwave an egg in the shell because I think it will explode. Another nice variation is to 1) scramble an egg in a small cup 2) heat a bowl with Kitchen Basic’s brand (salted) boxed chicken stock 3) add the scrambled egg and cook another minute. It kind of ends up like egg drop soup. :) You might have to experiment with times to get things right depending on how powerful your microwave is.

      -Peanut butter or other nut butter with bananas or apples or celery

      -Bagged lettuce with a tomato cut on top and a little oil, vinegar, salt on top

      -Ripe avocado, mashed with salt. Eat with crunchmaster crackers.

      -Canned/pouch tuna or salmon mixed with bagged lettuce, black olives, olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper.

      -fresh fruit/berries (e.g., strawberries, blueberries, banana, etc) with coconut cream or milk poured on top (I don’t eat dairy, but if you do you could also use cream or yogurt here). I use Trader Joe’s coconut cream, Native Forest coconut cream or milk, or Thai Kitchen coconut milk.

      -Another thing I used to do when I ate dairy was get gluten-free tortillas from Trader Joe’s, fill with a little cheese, fold over, and microwave for a little bit until the cheese is gooey.

      Ok… that’s all I can think of for now, but if I think of anything else I’ll post it…

    • melanie

      Oh I almost forgot, you can make these yummy little flax mug cakes. I can’t find the recipe that I used to use, but here’s a similar one I found on google:


    • lcgraham

      switch your bagged lettuce to baby mixed greens. Plain lettuce has very little nutritive value. Add avocados. maybe some sliced cucumbers, sunflower seeds, dehydrated cranberries (“craisens”), maybe some oregano to your salad dressing, use basalmic vinegar or seasoned rice vinegar.

      Get a microwave omelet maker, scramble the egg(s), add mushrooms, diced summer squash, spinach, swiss cheese. Microwave a few minutes, top with diced tomato

    • KirstenH

      Baked potatoes in the microwave are yummy. Honestly, a 5-lb bag of potatoes is a great investment for a college student. ;) Plus, potatoes are very versatile (and full of far more nutrients than people give them credit for!). A medium sized potato will take about 6 minutes on high. 6 minutes is good for either a whole or cut up potato, but remember that every microwave is a little different. If you cook the potato whole, be sure to poke holes in it with a fork or knife to let it “breathe” as it cooks. You could also heat up some broccoli (or other veg) to put on top. The last minute of cooking your potato, cut open the potato and add butter and cheese (or your preferred substitutes) and put back in for a minute to melt.

      Alternate toppings: veggies, meat (already cooked), BBQ sauce, hummus, taco fixings, sour cream, chives, salsa (chunkier the better!)… Get creative!

      Sweet potatoes are also good cooked in the microwave. Depending on the size, they may only need about 5 minutes to cook.

      Polenta is also easy in the microwave. You can make it sweet for breakfast (almond milk, agave nectar, and maybe some nuts or dried fruit) like you would eat oatmeal – or you can make it savory (water or milk, salt, pepper) and add some veggies to it.

      If you’re a fan of soup, Amy’s has some really good GF options. Simply cover the bowl or cup with a damp paper towel so the soup doesn’t splatter when you heat it.

    • tanstaafl

      I actually did a lot of cooking in my microwave before finding out I was a celiac. The best thing I ever did was buy a MicroHearth. It’s this neat little invention that lets you grill things in a microwave (it’s actually quicker and better than my oven). It comes with a book full of recipes, but I largely ignore that now and just play. Seriously, I’ve been making three course meals in my dorm room for two years now and I’m still not bored!
      I know this sounds like an advertisement, but really I just got fed up of microwave meals and reheated dishes. So now I make salmon, pizza, pasta, etc in my tiny 90’s microwave. I also love the microwave cooking book “A man, a can, and a microwave.” It’s full of simple recipes that even my brother can follow!

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