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Friends and Family of Celiacs

    • AndreaNYC

      My daughter and I are both celiac and entirely GF for 1 year. She just started K and isn’t eating her lunch at school. She doesn’t like a lot of foods and doesn’t want anything hot in her lunchbox. Even if there is a hot lunch GF option, she won’t eat it. She won’t eat GF bread so sandwiches are out. I need inspiration and ideas. If she could have her way she’s eat chips and fruit roll ups all day. Clearly we don’t permit that, but it gives you a sense of the challenge at hand. Typically I send grapes, Danimal, Polly O cheese stick, Pop Chips and 2 GF cookies. Help!

    • celiacmom11

      Will she eat hard boiled eggs or egg salad? I’m just starting to send lunch for my 4yr old who has celiac, and she likes eggs. What about rolled up lunch meat – by itself or with cheese or wrapped around a pickle? I’m definitely open to ideas as well, but I have to send nut and meat free lunches.

    • Brandie.k06

      We’re only 7 months since my daughter’s celiac dx. She used to not like gf breads until we found Gluten Free Nation. She really likes their bread and had her first sandwich in about 3 years a few months ago. (Looking back I believe she got cd 3 yrs ago in kinder but because she had hardly any symptoms I thought she was just being a picky kid. We found out about her celiac after her Type 1 diabetes dx through blood work.) Anyway….

      If you’re in the Houston area you can swing by gluten free nation’s store to sample their products. If you aren’t in the area, I’m pretty sure they take online orders.

      Also, she does the rolled lunch meat, yogurt, and sometimes a protein bar, or I make her a lunch able, and sometimes a salad. (I have a strange 9 yr old, she likes veggies)

    • Jenuine

      Some of our go-to elementary school lunch items:
      Fruit topped with yogurt topped with GF granola (she could live on this)
      Cottage cheese sandwiched between cucumbers
      GF pretzels or crackers dipped in sunbutter
      Veggies dipped in ranch dressing or hummus
      GF cereal (she buys milk at school to add to it)
      Hard boiled eggs
      GF bars (Luna, Pro and Kind are current favorites)
      Raisins on sunbutter on celery
      Fruit cups (in water, not syrup)
      Apple sauce
      Waldorf salad lettuce wraps

      She loves fruit or veggie kabobs dipped in anything (yogurt, humus, sunbutter, dressing, etc) if I can find the time to make up a bunch for the week.

      Honestly, she doesn’t eat a full lunch (more like a bunch of hardy snacks), but she eats enough to say full until a big, hot dinner. I was reassured by our dietitian that she can eat almost the same lunch every day and still be ok. Find something she will eat and go with it.

    • momto11

      Pamela’s makes a bread mix that is really good. My non-celiacs liked it. Muffins are easy to make GF.

    • james

      Hi AndreaNYC! I think that having a meal preparation service would a be a good idea for you and your daughter. Not only would it save you the hassle from preparing gluten free meals for the family, but also prepped meals ensure that proper nutrition is provided. In addition, I feel that a nutritionist program may help you and your daughter with making sure that gluten foods are avoided and that healthy gluten free foods are consumed.

    • KevinBrown

      Hello there!

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