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Travel Success (& Horror) Stories

    • LNicholas

      Went on a trip to Ireland with my family last year. Out of 10, 3 of us are Celiac. I was not sure what to expect so I took lots of Kind bars, just in case. I also did a lot of research on Trip Advisor and had a list of restaurants in each town we went to that had a GF menu. First place we stopped on the first day got the trip started out right. I asked if they could accommodate a GF diet and they said they had GF bread and muffins. Their soup was also GF. The bread was so good. We got the brand and shopped for some that evening. It was so much better than anything you can get in the US. Brand is Kelkin but sadly they don’t distribute to the US. I emailed all the B&B’s ahead of time and each one had GF bread for us with breakfast. We never had a problem finding GF meals. Ireland is a very GF friendly country. We also went on to London for the second part of the trip and while it was not as easy as Ireland, we didn’t really have much of a problem.

    • Dick L.
      Dick L.

      That matches my experience. Last year my wife and I (I’m the celiac) spent three nights in Dublin and six nights on a cruise on the Shannon Princess (a small river boat). Many Irish restaurants were GF-friendly, and the chef on the cruise was a gem. I, too, noted the bread– better than most anything I’ve found in the states.


    • CanadianCeliac

      I’ve heard great things about Ireland for gluten free! Apparently, 2-3 percent of the population has celiac, so awareness is high. Scandinavian countries are also supposed to be excellent!

    • lcgraham

      On my last trip to Ulster …

      (you can call it NI if you wish, but my family left before the signing of the Covenant)

      … and Scotland, I had created a database using Excel on my PDA of all of the listed stores and restaurants in the cities I was planning to visit. The plan was to visit them and give some type of review with my GF/CD friends and associates. Didn’t quite work out as our tour guide had other plans and took us to places we had not planned for. But the shops I was able to visit, they were clearly able to accommodate with GF products.

    • SteveK

      As an Irish Coeliac (who now lives in Germany) I can only say thanks. I believe CD is more common in Ireland, and there is a good selection of products available. Kelkin make a lot of good stuff, and there are good breads available. And you can get cider in almost every Pub :-)
      Juvela are another brand you can try. I love their bread rolls, freshly toasted. Can’t wait to go back in August to visit my parents.
      The Coeliac Society of Ireland are a great organisation. Helped me (and my mom) a lot when I was small.

    • sarahbeth

      I would love to hear more about the places you went in London. I have a trip coming up in March 2016 and have been starting to do a little research to find out where are the best places for someone with Celiac (that’s me) to have a safe place to eat.

      Thanks in advance.

      • TSTM

        Hi there,

        I just saw your question about London restaurants. We had fabulous meals at the Truscott Arms pub in Maida Vale and also at Cotto Italian on Westminster Bridge Rd. Cotto was one of the best meals ever! It is owned by an Italian gentleman who has Celiac Disease and about 90 % of the menu can be GF. He even make his own GF bread that my son said was the best he has ever had. I would strongly recommend going there. Make reservations ahead of time, it is a small place.

    • gf1028

      I’m traveling in Ireland now. Been here a week & have another week to go. I’ve been to Dublin, Belfast, Killarney, Tralee & am currently in Dingle. Will be in Galway after this. It has been easy to order in every restaurant & pub. While each pub or restaurant may not have an extensive GF menu, every single service person has been well aware of celiac disease & has taken the issue seriously.

    • Marcieli

      Hello there!
      If you are coming to Ireland, there are many pubs and restaurants that have gluten-free menu! :D
      Here I have listed some of them:

      7 restaurants and Irish pubs with gluten-free meals

      You will also find a bakery that is 100% gluten-free!! :D Yes, you can smile!!
      Check it out:

      Coeliac disease inspires Irish entrepreneur to run a 100% gluten-free bakery

      I hope you enjoy Ireland!!

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