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Travel Success (& Horror) Stories

    • liisa

      I took my Dad to Iceland this summer on a last minute trip. Before leaving, I was scared, really quite scared, even through my travel agent, understanding my needs well, tried to reassure me.

      A hotel breakfast was included in the price. I didn’t ask for gluten free bread when I booked, but they had nice gluten free bread available in the kitchen every day (I suspect my travel agent requested it). I had to ask the kitchen staff for it, fortunately it was kept away from the paws of those that indulge in cross contamination. I was happy with the Skyr (gluten free yogurt) and the boiled eggs. Any buffet items I had concern with,the staff happily got me the items directly from the kitchen.

      We ate packed lunches mostly as we were so busy, they were easy to put together with nearby grocers. Both times we ate out at lunch, I was able to easily communicate my needs (I pulled out an Icelandic celiac card once). They were very good at telling me what was safe, and what I should not eat. At one little place I couldn’t have the langoustine soup, but the vegetable soup was unbelievably good. When I climbed and then descended a volcano (6 km of hiking on a lava field with lupus ankles, and both knees in braces in need of replacement), I was treated to a traditional Icelandic Meat Stew. They checked beforehand, and again at the stew creation, it was gluten free, and it was a terrific meal and opportunity.

      Eating supper was an absolute dream. Everywhere we went, the staff were respectful, they understood, if I had questions they couldn’t understand well, the celiac card helped immensely. I ate so much, I gained weight! One chef found out I hadn’t yet had Icelandic Langoustine soup, and they put together a fresh, huge, gluten free bowl of the Langoustine soup. How thoughtful!!!

      I was very fortunate, I also kept a list of the places I tried, it was a trip of a lifetime, and because it was so easy to eat, and just generally the most gorgeous place on earth, I am already planning my trip there next summer, this time with a rental car.

      Here’s to successful, well deserved travels.

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