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    • theceliacnerd

      I work in a restaurant preparing the food, and recently realized that this job was causing me celiac symptoms. So I figured I would talk to my manager and ask her what she thought would be the best option for me to do. For instance, maybe placing me at the cash register, or having me work with specific food that isn’t gluten. But that’s not what happened. The second I told her about my celiac disease and what has been happening to me, she immediately, with no hesitation said, “the best option for you would be to quit” “I think you should just quit.” This made me feel terrible, and I actually cried a little bit about it later. This made me feel like my celiac makes me incapable, and that I am only valuable without my celiac disease.

    • Cali Celiac
      Cali Celiac

      Dude, that’s a clear case of discrimination. If the job is worth it escalate to her boss and threaten legal action if you want to play hardball.
      Then again, sounds like you are working for an asshole, so maybe better to find a different job. The food industry is not a good field for Celiac patients.

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