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Anything Goes

    • Thedanx

      Hey guys, newly diagnosed Jan 2019. Symptoms since last November.

      As you can imagine emotions still running on high and I’m starting to finally grieve the whole situation, but I’m dealing with that.

      I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever feel better, I have symptoms now that I didn’t have prior to my biopsy, I have an urge to go to the bathroom every single morning and my tummy feels SO full, and the result is definitely indicating malabsorption (at least I think so, I’m not a Dr). I also have incredibly bad gas, almost all day every day, which is getting embarrassing and affecting almost every aspect of my life! I’m wondering could this be my small int getting mad at the biopsy and not recovering from that just yet? I am 200% sure I’m completely GF and my symptoms are getting worse rather than improving.

      I know everyone is different but… When am I going to start getting better? :( I hate this so so much.

      Love to all.

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