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    • Sthrngunz

      I’m 32, newly diagnosed Aug 18’, and as topic says, how long did it take you gf before you felt better?

    • Cali Celiac
      Cali Celiac

      Greetings and sympathies,
      CD is not fun! The symptoms and related medical issues are so many and varied it’s hard to make predictions. You have been diagnosed at a relatively young age, so I would guess that your prognosis is pretty good. I was diagnosed at age 57 after having symptoms all my life so my intestines are probably a mess. I have been GF for 2 years and I have improved significantly, but many symptoms persist and I still suffer from malabsorbtion (I take a lot of supplements). For me it took at least 6 months GF before I noticed a significant improvement (hopefully less for you given your circumstance), but I wasn’t taking all the supplements right away and that could be a factor.
      Here’s my personal experience: My peripheral neuropathy (numbness in hands and feet) and ataxia have not improved, in fact have gotten worse (numbness traveling up my arms and legs now, dropping things a lot, stumbling and did a face dive at a public event recently). The depression and anxiety have improved, but mentally I’m still on a roller coaster with my moods swinging up and down and my short term memory is practically non-existent. The good news is the gut pain, bloating and gas have improved a lot. The migraines have also improved, as well as my energy levels and cognitive abilities.
      You will have to stick to a strict GF diet and will most likely discover you have other foods that you have trouble digesting. They won’t make you sick like gluten, but they will have some adverse effects and slow down your recovery. Most frequent culprits seem to be dairy, corn and other grains, but I’ve read about many others. I personally have problems with dairy, legumes and eggs. I can eat just a little of these, but even then they tend to bloat me up with gas and intestinal swelling. I would suggest after being GF for a few months to try some elimination diets to see what other foods you might need to avoid. Good Luck.


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