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    • bugsmomma

      I’ve been a “never officially diagnosed celiac” for over two years now and am now FINALLY starting to feel like a normal person again, which I’m so grateful for! But I have 2 children under 5 I’ve been starting to worry about. My daughter is mostly gluten free. She is for my sake mostly, so when she’s out she eats whatever she wants. My almost 2 year old son has never had gluten. At least not since I was 8 weeks pregnant with him and I realized gluten was giving me problems. So I’ve decided to get them tested. I never was because you can’t test while pregnant and now I’m not ever eating gluten again- NOT WORTH IT! I have had my genes tested and I carry both genes. My aunt was also diagnosed as a teenager. So I’ve been looking up symptoms to watch for my kids in the meantime and they have none thank goodness! But it’s got me thinking back to my health history… I started getting panic attacks, severe anemia and terrible health in general in ‘16. Went off gluten a few months later. I had my first child in ‘13. Originally thought this was the trigger. Now I’m thinking when I was 12 I starting having stomach issues this was 11 years earlier, maybe that was the trigger? Then I came across an article that tooth enamel can be discolored because of celiac? My adult teach came in with white spots at 6 years old.

      So is it actually possible I was an undiagnosed celiac almost my whole life and didn’t realize it until I was 26 years old???

      This just seems like so long to not have major symptoms. Especially since I literally ate wheat all day everyday.

      My mind is just boggling right now!

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