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Anything Goes

    • JSG

      I’m 47-years old and, after living sick as a dog for years, I was FINALLY diagnosed with Celiacs (from an endoscopy/biopsy; bloodwork came back as negative). SO NOW WHAT DO I DO?

      I’ve only been gluten free (as best I know) for about 72-hours, and I feel as sick as ever. Am I missing something?

      Thanks for any help.


    • Ann

      Hang in there. It varies and you will have flair ups. I was not diagnosed for 30 years. It took about 3 months. My symptoms were: asthma, metalbolic taste in my mouth,headache,dry around eyes, rash, ezethma, stomach pain, texreme extreme fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, pale skin, undigested food in stool,tingling in hands, and some others I can’t remember. They are all gone. Every single symptom.

    • Inna

      I took OptiMind according to the instructions, during which time my sleep completely normalized, I began to sleep and most importantly get enough sleep. Anxiety and excitement disappeared, performance increased significantly. https://tonusjournal.com/brain-health/optimind-review/

Viewing 2 reply threads

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