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Anything Goes

    • Kate

      Hi, there – first, thank you, Gluten Dude – coming across this site has been a lifesaver, and btw I just received your book yesterday – it’s a good read.

      Long story short, then the cry for help: I was tentatively dx’d celiac on 10/31/18, with bloodwork and a follow up confirmation of dx in December. I’ve known for a long time that gluten ‘bothered’ me, and mostly avoided it. Then I got into a a time when I ate a small, but steady stream of it. Started developing some real problems, then elevated liver enzymes, then BAM – the rash from freaking HELL exploded across my scalp and down my neck. Yep, dermititis herpetiformis. So, here’s the thing – I’ve been strictly GF (and I do mean strict) for 4 months. The liver enzymes went back to normal, the rash receded…but now it’s back. And it’s spreading. The itching is INSANE. I’m pretty sure I’m not getting any gluten – my entire kitchen is GF, all of my personal care products and cosmetics are GF. I never ‘cheat’. I am extremely careful. I’ve even stopped eating anything grain-based, no soy, no dairy – I’m eating strict paleo (for about a week now) in an effort to stop this rash. It’s still spreading. It wakes me up at night. I slather myself in hydrocortizone cream so I can fall asleep. Right now, winter work clothes mostly cover it (it’s on my scalp, neck, chest, upper back, and upper arms) but summer is coming, and I need to get this thing under control. I’m even thinking of going to a dermatologist, although it seems the only available treatment is Dapzone, which doesn’t cure it, and has potential bad side effects. I don’t want to take it. But I am nearing the end of my rope here. Does anyone have any advice? Is this just how this rash goes? Can I do anything else to help it resolve? Why is it being so aggressive when I’m being so meticulously GF? Is this normal?

      I’m also trying to find ways to help my gut heal, eating pre and pro biotic stuff, excellent organic paleo foodstuffs. So any advice – anything – that someone can offer me would be so much appreciated. Please give me some hope.

      Also, hello *wave* – Kate

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