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    • damaris444

      Nobody had started a Houston topic, so here it goes. I was diagnosed in 2010 with Celiac disease and in 2011 moved to Houston. It’s still hard to find new places that are safe for me. Just today I ate at Pei Wei and I think I was glutened. I usually bring lunch to work but overslept this morning and was in a hurry to go out the door, so I left my lunch on my dining table. I ventured and ordered some Pei Wei, after reading some reviews that it was safe for Celiacs. Well, no more Pei Wei for me.

      If anyone from Houston here that want to post suggestions, advice, etc., please feel free. :)

    • Britterny

      I visit my folks in Houston often! Mexican food can be dependable, corn tortillas, talk to the manager about chips, the fryer, seasonings, etc. I know that there are lots of options down there! I hope you have found some good ones! My favorite place to go is (don’t laugh) Red Robin *YUM* we don’t have one here in Mississippi and they are awesome about gluten free buns, dedicated fryer for their fries, freckled lemonade-thats all need.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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