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    • AntonyY

      Hello to all of you!

      I, as all of us here, suffer from celiac desease.

      Nowadays almost every product you take from a shelf contains food additives (E numbers) and there are additives, that contain gluten.

      Being a software developer myself I’ve create an app on Android, that helps to find out if particular food additive is safe for us (gluten free).

      It was a hard task to fill the database, to assemble it from part through out all Internet :) . I did it with high sense of responsibility, because this app was primary designed for me.

      Application differentiates gluten-free food additives and those that contain gluten, but there are additives, that I couldn’t find definitive info about gluten, there are marked as “gluten presence is unknown”, I suggest to avoid them also. Also with an exclamatory sign (!) I show food additives, that have high risk of allergy, so, it’s good to avoid them in your daily products.

      Application is on Google Play Market, link is here. It’s free and contains no ads. Feel free to use it and I hope, that it will help you :)

    • Tracy

      This is wonderful. Thank you so much for your very hard work on this. This is the area that is a huge challenge for me so will use this often.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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