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    • Catherine N.
      Catherine N.
      Catherine N.Catherine N.

      Hi! :) I’m Catherine. Not sure what to say, what have you found locally?

    • Bridey

      Bridey here. :) Maggie McFly’s in Manchester is very accommodating. Have been there twice, waitresses both knew what I could and couldn’t have, were patient in explaining and listening to my questions, and offered to bring my dad’s fries on a separate plate because they were GF but what he was having wasn’t and I wanted to share. Have read off-reviews for the other locations, but they were old reviews, and I haven’t been to any others. :) Recently went to Arethusa Creamery in Litchfield (a bit of a drive, but I was there for other reasons) and had been there before, this time they had a gluten free cone sign (for .50/c more), so I asked for it, and the first question was “do you need me to change my gloves and use a clean scoop?” A little pricey (but extremely high quality), and just knowing to change gloves and use a clean scoop was enough for me! Elizabeth’s in Rocky Hill also offers gluten free rolls and pasta dishes- I love them! Also a little high priced- they’re a nicer restaurant, don’t wear torn jeans. For casual dining, The Green Olive in Meriden (same plaza as the Healthy Harvest) is nice. You might want to check that nothing is being cross contaminated, but they make GF pizza/calzone crusts on site which were so good, my aunt asked if they were sure they were GF. Anyone else find anything good?

    • gf1028

      I no longer live in CT, but was down from Maine visiting friends a few weeks ago. We ate at Burton’s in the Evergreen Mall in South Windsor. They knew what they were doing & have trained staff well. Food & service were very good. Owner has CD, I believe the waitress said.

    • GFgirl87

      The Max Restaurant Group is very accommodating and takes celiac seriously. I’ve eaten at Max Amore, Max Fish, and Max Oyster Bar without any issues! Some of their restaurants have GF menus online, but call ahead and they can all accommodate you. A little pricey, but worth it!

      Also, Dee’s One Smart Cookie in Glastonbury is amazing! The best cupcakes by far!!

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