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    • tayols


      I grew up in a small town on a wheat farm. My life has been revolved around wheat. I was diagnosed with celiac a year ago and at first, I felt great with the changes. It was kind of random that they found it. I’ve been tested for lupus my entire life and have had numerous cancer scares but never once was I tested for Celiac. They diagnosed me with it a day after my gallbladder was removed and honestly I had never even heard of it. Now, I’m worse than ever. I left my town to move into an area with more gluten free options and no wheat fields surrounding me. I had to give up teaching preschool because I was surrounded by wheat in their foods, their play dough, and all of their crafts. I never realized how serious it was, so I never expected that being in these environments could have an effect on me. Like I said though, I’m completely gluten free and away from it all together. So why am I getting worse? I’ve been in the hospital 3 times just this month. Twice this week. My CT scans have been showing a little evidence that something else is going on, but nothing has came from it all yet. They are now testing me for additional autoimmune diseases. I guess I just want to know if anyone else has gone through this? I need some sort of hope that this isn’t what the rest of my life will be like. I’m losing friends and a personal life over all of this (as pathetic as that sounds!)

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    • FireTiger98

      Wauw xD grown up on a wheat farm and have the celiac disease that pretty ironic.

      i got my celiac disease when i was 8 years old (no i’m 19) i had a hard time. (I’m from denmark, sorry if my english is bad) i didnt have any friends before i arrived at my boarding school and the kitchen there was very sweet and so.
      i take this disease with a smile, life could always be even worse. And you can probably cook everything glutenfree so its not even that bad…
      i would gladly be yur friend ;) even if i’m faaar away.

      best wishes Natasia, hope you are getting better ;)

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