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Restaurant Reviews

    • Rhoadesh

      This weekend my husband and I tried out a restaurant-From Across the Pond in Dallas, TX – that is owned and operated by a family with Celiac Disease. I NEVER eat out at restaurants because of my cross contamination worries and my high sensitivity. It has been over a year since I have sat down at a restaurant and actually participated in the eating! I told our waiter I was a little nervous and he assured me everything on the menu was perfectly safe. He said the entire family working there, including himself and the owners, had Celiac and eat there on a regular basis. They go out of their way to be “Celiac friendly.” I had the Fish & Chips and topped it off with a GF Ice Cream Sundae. I had no stomach issues except for being tremendously stuffed! It was amazing and it was so nice being able to eat out and feel normal.

    • Ellen

      I was in the Dallas area to visit a friend recently, and made it a point to visit From Across the Pond. I had fish and chips for the first time in years, and got take-out to bring to my friend’s home for the weekend. (A lovely woman, but feeding me for a whole weekend is beyond her.) I had no difficulties at all, and told my sister that if only the restaurant were in a cooler location (It was miserably hot in Dallas while we were visiting), I would move in next door! The staff was wonderful and the atmosphere welcoming – and the food was delicious.

    • PrincessPuppy815

      This place is AMAZING! Most of the menu can be made gluten free. The gluten food was on one side, and the gluten free was on the other side of the menu. Our waiter had celiac!

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