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Experience with Cassava Flour?

  • the_guppy

    Recently diagnosed with celiac and new to the world of gluten free. I have been into fitness and weightlifting for some time so I’m very used to making my own food and bringing it to work, functions, etc. Now I need to adjust some thing and add gluten-free recipes to my mix.

    I have looked at pre-packaged/pre-made gluten-free products and I’m not impressed. Seems as if all they did was remove gluten and fill the space with fat and sugar. That doesn’t fit well in my diet.

    SO…in an effort to have something with more protein, lower fat, and good carbs, I’m just making my own and freezing/storing what I can. But other than quinoa flour (which I’ve used a lot of in the past), I’m not expereinced with other options. I’ve read good things about cassava flour…that it is much like a texture/taste of a whole wheat flour but is different from tapioca flour due to processing. I’ve liked the look of the recipes I’ve found that use it but it doesn’t seem to be popular.

    Has anyone else used cassava flour before? Any tips or observations?

    Thank you!

  • Dick L.
    Dick L.

    If you’re still looking for information, respond and I’ll tell you what I know about using it. I regularly include it in my experiments in making pita bread and pizza crust.

  • rtrenton1969

    I have used cassava flour a few times and it is definitely a great substitute. It is very healthy but could be pricey at whole foods.

    • Dick L.
      Dick L.

      I’ve been getting mine from Amazon. They have a couple of brands; my choice is Moon Rabbit, which is currently $13.29 for two pounds, so, yes, pricey there, too.

      I find it bakes up with sort of a gummy texture, but mixed with other flours (millet is good), it helps hold things together. I made some pita recently with cassava, millet, and white buckwheat (Bouchard’s) in a 1:2:2 ratio, with some oat bran and psyllium husk powder for texture (no xanthan gum), and it turned out well. Nice texture and smells like bread. But that’s too complicated. I think I’ll try something like cassava and brown rice next, with just psyllium as binder.

      What have you used cassava flour for?

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