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    • shellymarie

      Has anyone else had issues in the workplace, my work has potlucks every Thursday together, they never attempt to include me and now they have even made my lunch earlier than theirs so I eat alone. It’s so sad that people do this just because I can’t eat gluten.

    • lcgraham

      My brother and myself both had this problem. My co-workers frequently have potlucks and parties at the office offering to share dishes, I always decline, reminding them of my GF status, they almost always respond “oh, yeah!”, but nothing changes. I will pick at the food items I know are GF (veggie trays with ranch dip?), but in any case, I always bring my own meals that I’ve prepared. If given sufficient time I can prepare meals to share that I can certify as GF. But in most cases, I don’t eat alone, but I do eat around my own work schedule, not theirs.

    • Marie

      Yes, I had time ago the same issues in the workplace. I was diagnosed with CD and my ex co-workers knew about. Some of them were cruel at times (the deaf ex co-workers) saying that my CD was not a great thing compared to their condition (?????). They treated me and talked about me as somebody with mental retardation( I have a high IQ by the way) and to celebrate other’s birthdays they did not invite me, although they celebrated my GF birthdays.One time one of co-workers told me when I was talking to them about going to a GF restaurant: ( the one who had the MSW degree)” I am not going to eat in those places where those kind of people eat”.(What????) And so on, I can say one time I had asked boss to get a GF turkey for Thanksgiving celebration. Imagine how I felt when that boss told me that he had forgotten to get a GF turkey. I could not eat that day. And we are talking about professionals, people with Master´s degrees, like me. What a team of ex-co-workers, I am glad I was terminated from that job. Yes, I know the feeling, we do not deserve it.

      • Cali Celiac
        Cali Celiac

        People can be so cruel. I work at a large production facility were company sponsored meals and potlucks are the norm. I usually don’t participate because it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I did recently take a class that was catered and the caterer prepared me a GF turkey wrap. It didn’t have gluten, unfortunately the sauce on it must have been dairy because it upset my stomach. Figures.

        CD is not understood in America and most people who think they understand it don’t. If you told them you had benign skin cancer, benign, you’d get sympathy and good wishes. Tell them you have CD and you get “oh, that’s the wheat thing, right?” Many don’t even believe it’s a real disease because the water has become so muddied by the fad GF dieters and irresponsible marketing by food companies. I have tried to educate my coworkers about CD, but half the time I wind up alienating them or boring them. I don’t count on anyone except me for my food now, the risk isn’t worth it.

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