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Anything Goes

    • shellymarie

      As time has gone on I have noticed on top of stomach issues I tend to get emotional and just down whenever I get glutened does this happen to anyone else?

    • Dick L.
      Dick L.

      Gluten Dude had a blog post about that recently. And lots of commenters affirmed that they had similar problems.

    • Barrycudda

      I get that was as well, along with brain fog and A.D.D. issues.

      • Cali Celiac
        Cali Celiac

        I have found the depression, along with anxiety and cognitive issues to be especially problematic. Hard to maintain a good attitude and make smart decisions when your heads messed up, but it gets better. Don’t recommend you go food shopping when in a heavy brain fog-long story short I glutened myself really bad that way.

    • lcgraham

      I get emotional when I find what looks like a tasty GF food item, purchase it, only to discover, it wasn’t exactly gluten free, then get depressed at how much I had paid for it.


    • Inna

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Viewing 4 reply threads

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